How To LIve A Healthier Life (with baby steps)

"I want to lost a little belly flab but not enough to exercise"; All around me I hear friends and family say this. With warm weather looming around the corner we're all looking at our bodies and judging them. Every person on this planet is uniquely beautiful in their own way and loving our bodies is the greatest way to beam with confidence. However, if you are wanting to shed a few pounds or just be healthier here are a few helpful tips.

1. Park far away
Just because you're not into jogging everyday doesn't mean you can't get cardio. While it doesn't require yoga pants and tennis shoes this tip will add a few extra steps to your day. Whether you're going to the grocery store or parking at work, try to find the farthest spot. You might not build up a sweat but it will get you moving around.

2. Water is your best friend
It's the afternoon and you're needing a happy hour soda. Ditch the extra calories (and save a few pennies) and trade out your soda for water. Not only does it hydrate your body but water helps boost metabolism. Are you feeling hungry? Drink a glass of water; sometimes when you feel hungry it's actually your body saying it's dehydrated. Drinking H20 also helps relieve fatigue and improve mood. The list of benefits is endless. Not a fan of drinking water everyday? Switch it up by adding flavorings. here are plenty of flavored syrups out there to add with water with little to no calories.

3. You don't have to count calories to be healthy
We've all tried it; we get calorie obsessed and start tracking every morsel that enters our mouth. After a few weeks we start forgetting meals and one 'cheat day' turns in to 20. Once that starts happening we look at food and feel guilty- starting a guilty cycle for our mental wellness. Instead of being a calorie Nazi just be more aware of whats entering your body. Our bodies are smart, they know when we want ice cream and when we need carrots. Trying to be more conscious of what we eat will help create healthier habits. Try finding healthier alternatives to cravings; trade in sweet treats with fruit or salty foods with salted almonds. That being said, when you crave a cookie then you should have a cookie. Creating cheat days or denying certain foods only makes you crave it more and eventually binge eat. There is so much research on healthy foods and healthy habits; read your body and it will thank you forever. Like GiGi Hadid says, "eat clean to stay fit. Have a burger to stay sane."

4. Have fun
This is by far the most important tip I've came across. All of us have some sore of routine that we live each day. Whether it is cleaning the house each night before bed or keeping a morning routine, it can sometimes be mundane. To keep it fun (and burn extra calories) change the beat up. In the morning play your favorite music and dance around while cleaning or even brushing your teeth. Take a quick stroll around the block on a nice evening or take the dog for a little bit longer of a walk. Happy is always healthy.

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