Broke Girls Guide: Owning A Credit Card

Ok, owning a credit card might not be a broke girl way of living, but it definitely can help a broke girl out in a pinch. For the first time in my semi adult life I finally was approved for a credit card. One thing they don't teach you in school; in the real world having no credit is worse than having bad credit. I've tried several times to get approved for credit whether it be a loan or a card and got declined. Every. Single. Time.

It got to the point where I just gave up. Oh well! I guess I'll never own a house or car. About a month ago I got, what I thought, was junk mail. It was from a credit card saying that I was pre-approved. For whatever reason I decided to give it a whirl and see if I could get one. Don't get me wrong; the credit card is barely anything and it has interest that would make your grandmother roll over in her grave. Somehow I was approved with my zero credit history looming out there in the wind.

This wasn't a card I wanted to go shopping and never pay off. I knew how to adult! I was only going to use it for fuel and that was it; something I could easily afford. However, I was buying gas and subconsciously looking at my bank account thinking I had loads of money. I wasn't factoring in that I couldn't actually spend that money since I now had a new bill coming up. Let's just say my first month's bill came and, after paying it off like a big girl, I was eating ramen and saltines for two weeks straight.

The smart way to use a credit card; purchase gas, then take whatever that cost and put your 'actual money' in savings so you are not tempted to spend it. Learn from my mistakes. It takes a while to build up credit but only seconds to destroy it. While owning a credit card isn't this magical adult piece of plastic I thought it would be, it definitely does make me feel like I'm finally making a financial stride towards my future. Hello house! Hello new car (ok, probably pre-owned car and a shack off the side of the road). Babysteps.


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