GK Guide: Having A Period Gracefully

I'm going to get real with you; every period a women has is as graceful as it needs to be. If anyone tells you differently then they obviously have never had blood leak out of their vagina while simultaneously battling cramps, fatigue, and PMS. When I thought of a name for my website I wanted a place where people from all walks of life could come, maybe learn a few things, and feel like they are not alone in the world. There are a lot of things out there that people keep hush hush about because, well, we have for years so why change now. 

We've just accepted the fact that periods are gross and we shouldn't talk about them. That's bullshit in my opinion. When over half the population has this once a month I feel it should be talked about a little more often. I've had the fortunate ability in my life to be able to talk about anything with my mom. Being a nurse since before I was born, talking about the body and getting personal was a norm in our family, something I know not everyone gets the privilege of having. I'm sharing my privilege with the world now; and if you want to come here and comment about something that you want to talk about than go for it! No judging here (unless you want to murder someone, I'll have to draw the line there). 

I had my first period in the 8th grade. I was a late bloomer in this department but don't worry, my body caught up with the lost time I had. I would get the gushing, need a towel while I sleep, periods that would put me in a pain so tremendous I thought I was going to be physically ill. Then they would stop for months at a time. I was never regular and when I did have that fateful week I would be on watch alert for bleeding till my death. Over time, the periods did become less bloody and more regular, but those cramps. 

While I now have it under control where I don't have to stop into the bathroom every two minutes to check if I leaked, I do still have to be extremely careful. As in I'm the type of girl who has to wear both pads and tampons (even at night). If you're a woman who has to do this as well, don't worry, you're not alone. 

At around the time of my 21st birthday I had my first encounter with boob pain. All of a sudden my boobs would overnight turn into rocks that would feel like they were punching bags for McGregor. Apparently this new development has stuck around (for other girls out there, I feel your pain!). The horrible part about it was that it didn't just happen with my time of the month; it also happened during ovulation. Now instead of one week of pain I was encountering two weeks. 

Son of a bitch. 

The one word of advice I do try to give to women; while we deserve to have a week off for this and we are going through hormonal turmoil, don't ever use your period as an excuse for a job. I've heard that excuse one too many times from women and every time I just want to slap them. Using that as an excuse just tells people out there that we can't handle ourselves emotionally; and no offense but fuck that (excuse my language). While it is a relevant excuse, "I AM bleeding out and having my emotions tell me to cry and laugh at the same time", it doesn't set a good precedent on us in the future when being looked at for a promotion. Those bastards.

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