How to Guide: Live a 'hippy dippy' lifestyle

I love hippy dippy people. Yes, you just read that sentence and probably thought I was being sarcastic or rude or stereotyping a group of people. While I am semi stereotyping I can assure you I mean that sentence in the nicest way possible. Hippy dippy is the term that pops in my head when I watch hour long videos on youtube of people discussing their inner peace through poetry or when they live off of goodwill and an old jeep to travel the country; saying the word 'rad' one too many times. I want to be these people; these people are free and living life in ways some of us never will. 

I watched several videos of a couple traveling to different states camping, paddle boarding, zip lining, and jumping off of cliffs into large amounts of water. This is when the light bulb hit; they are not living a life with fear (and if they have fear, they don't show it). There not scared of not having a 9 to 5 job to pay the bills or getting eaten by a bear in the middle of the night. They just seem...happy. While yes, we can't all make money video taping our lives, we can add a little bit more adventure into our sometimes monotone day to day activities. While I might not ever get the dream of living my inner hippy dippy lifestyle, I have found a few tips to help expand my adventures.

1. Weekend Getaway
Most of us work a 9 to 5 Monday through Friday. Once Friday hits I have a set schedule for my weekend that, for the most part, I have every single weekend. The first day I try to get errands done that I couldn't do throughout the week (laundry,shopping, plucking my eyebrows). The second day is where I do absolutely nothing. One lazy, one productive; I've had this routine for several years and it has worked for me so far. Well ladies and gents, I'm changing things up! 

Even if you can't adventure to a different state, you can always get away from the normal routine that you always do. For instance; last weekend we took a trip to our closest lake. We bought a huge flippin' duck and floated in the lake for hours. We ended the night by driving to a small town that has an outdoor drive in theater and watched two movies under the starlight (and snuck in a few drinks, don't tell!). It was a nice little getaway from our daily lives and I'm still a little sun drunk in the best way possible.

2. Get That Vacation Jar Out
Don't act like you haven't heard of 'that' jar. The jar where we add quarters and dollars that we started one day on a whim to slowly save up money for that vacation we've been wanting to take. A couple months later, we have a dusty jar with $10 change, $5 of which we just took out because we need a little extra gas money. No shame on you. We all do this; usually at the beginning of the year. I call this the resolution repeat. Each year we make a new years resolution that we are dead set on keeping. Then about two weeks in this we lose steam and our 2016 resolution becomes our 2017 resolution. I've learned that we don't need a day to make a change; we just need the strength and determination.

This last month I went on a road trip with my mom to New Orleans and Memphis. It was our first mother, daughter trip and her first vacation since I was a little kid. For months we talked about this vacation (OK, maybe years) but it was almost one of those things we knew in the back of our heads we would never save up for. Shame on us! We decided no matter what we were going to take this trip. Both of us requested off the days so we couldn't back out and slowly put money into our vacation fund each paycheck. About a week before I went to get my car tuned up for the long drive and we started buying all the fun road trip snacks. 

It finally happened; we were making the drive. It was one of the greatest trips I've ever taken and we only had 5 days to cherish the memories. We drove for hours on end, passed several different states, and all the time still having a blast. You don't need 9 days off and thousands of dollars to have fun. Set a goal, take the trip, and make each moment count!

3.Camping Won't Kill You (Hopefully)
I hate camping. My version of camping is having a nice bathroom and shower area within walking distance, packing so many blankets that I can't feel the hard ground, putting on my usual makeup in the morning (just to sweat it off 5 minutes later), and wifi. If you have found this place then by all means let me know! You'll see me sitting there sipping a margarita because if this place exists then they must have a little bar as well (with a pool!). While I hate camping, my boyfriend loves it. Recently, I took a trip with him and some of his friends to Arkansas for rock climbing fun. Correction, I tagged along to watch them rock climb and somehow ended up spraining my ankle just walking around the different paths. However, the fact of the matter was I did it. While they did have a bathroom and shower stall (hallelujah) it was definitely not my dream version of camping. 

Not going to lie though, it was a lot of fun. My back was a little sore after the trip but the experiences I got helped make the pain a little more just. Sometimes we need a breather even from modern day amenities that we are so used to having. Without technology on this mountain side we were stuck talking, laughing, and playing guitar around a campfire. Definitely hippy dippy; definitely worth partaking in.

We all need a little hippy dippy in our lives from time to time.

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