The Sweet Six: Vol. 1

These are just a few of my favorite things! That's how the song goes, right? I've decided to try something new that gives a weekly reflection of things I'm currently obsessing about. Maybe it will help add an obsession to your collection or maybe you'll think I'm ridiculous for liking these things and close out of this website right now (thanks for coming!). Enjoy my sweet six and please feel free to leave your sweet six in the comments below; I'm always trying to find new things.

1. Pretty Little Liars
I've been cheesing on this show since it started. While I drool over the fashion in this show (what teenager can afford high end clothes?) I also love that 'edge of your seat' drama that comes with every episode. Spoil Alert: A is a bitch.

2. Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper
I have a bad obsession with this drink. I used to get a coffee every morning from starbucks before heading to work but ditched the pricey coffee for a summer sweetness. Sonic; you have my heart.

3. Inflatable Duck
I bought this monstrosity of a duck at walmart one day on a whim before we were going to the lake. Pool, beach, lake, living room; this duck will definitely be your new favorite animal.

4. Bloody Mary
Talk about an obsession that just won't leave. I used to hate tomato juice with every fiber of my being. Then one day out of the blue I decided to try a bloody mary and we've been inseparable since. The salt makes me bloat like a puffer fish but the desire out ways the consequences.

 5. Daily Art
I recently downloaded this app as a way to try and get some daily smarts in my life. I figured it would be one of those things I tried out for a couple days and then forgot about. This app gives you a new art piece each day with a description of the painting and the artist. This app makes me want to go out and draw stick figures (because lets face it, that's all I'm good at). 

6. Maxi Dresses
Flowy, light, and sexy. What more can you ask from an article of clothing. Despite the fact that it is covering 90% of my body I've always thought maxi dresses have a mysterious sexiness about them. A plus side is they are usually light weight and amazing for the summer. 

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