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We've all done it; scroll through the app store and find a picture that captures our eyes on a unique and neat little app. We download it with the excitement of having a new little toy to play with. About two weeks later it sits on our screen collecting the proverbial dust while we use what we know. After buying a new phone I decided to clean up my apps as I went through the 'yes, I need that' and the 'I don't remember having that' list. Some of these you might heard of while others might be useful tools you would like to start using. 

1. Lightroom
I discovered Lightroom a little late in the game after trying countless editing apps that fell short of my needs. Once I downloaded Lightroom I found my other apps being ignored as I used this for every picture. They have an easy to use interface to help you through the process as well as every little nook and cranny for that perfectionist trying to get the perfect picture. This is definitely an app I would recommend to anyone and everyone.

2.Shuffle My Life
Feeling bored and want to add a little more adventure into  your life? This might be the perfect app for you! Ranging from 'sing a new song' to 'climb a mountain', this app helps keep you on your toes and trying new things. Simply swipe left and it will show you something random to try out for the day. You can either swipe to the next one (in case there are no mountains near you) or you click complete once finished. While I might not use this daily it is a great way to get out of any weekday slumps you might come across.

If you're reading this then you are probably, to some extent, obsessed with a variety of different blogs. This beautiful app is the Facebook of blogs out there. You can follow all of your favorites so that everything is in one place for your viewing pleasure. Gotta love it when an app comes around and makes life a little bit more organized for you.

4.Podcast Addict
Speaking of organized, if you are interested in the previous app then this is definitely a strong follow up. Recently I've been playing podcasts instead of the radio for my morning commute to work. I love following uplifting and inspirational podcasts that get me motivated for the day ahead. This app is like Spotify in the way of you can find pretty much any podcast out there in the universe and add them to your library. As of right now this is probably my most used app on my phone (besides social media apps, of course). 

This beauty has been a must have in my day to day life that I have no intention of getting rid of. Before I thought meditation seemed silly and a waste of my time. Now I see it as an opportunity to have a little 'me' time and ground myself from the stresses of the day. You get around a week of the beginnings to meditation. If you love it, you can make a small purchase to get unlimited access to all of there meditations (something I highly suggest doing). I recently started doing this in the morning as opposed to night to get my mind and body relaxed for the day. They also have 'emergency' sessions when you're feeling tension or anxious (which happens more often than I'd like to admit). 

I hope I gave you a few new shiny toys to add to that phone of yours. Let me know what your favorites are so I can add to my never ending collection of new finds.


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