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If you know me you know I excel in the sport that is Netflix. Finding that perfect show to fall into is like falling into a good book for me; I can't stop until it's finished. For years now I've given up the luxury of cable (because the price does make it a luxury) and switched to a full blown Netflix obsession. After I've reunited with a favorite series again and again I find myself in a deep despair. What do I watch now? Will I ever love a show as much as I loved Friends? While these shows might not be your cup of tea, these are my favorite series obsessions on Netflix right now. 

1. The Good Place
If you love satire comedy with a feel good vibe then I found the show for you. Starring Kristen Bell, you start the show off with her staring in a beautiful little room, the words "Welcome! Everything if fine." She finds out that she died in an embarrassing accident that sent her to 'the good place'. However, you come to find out that everything is not as it seems. This show will keep you whimsically laughing and pushing for that next episode each time.

2. Riverdale
Are you a millennial? Then you probably remember the comics of the everyday life of Archie and his friends. Based on the famous comics, this teen show gives a darker twist to the once sweet and harmless high school students. Starting the show you realize a former student has been killed; giving you a vibe of Tim Burton and Wes Anderson if they were directing a high school life. You'll be on the edge of your seat wondering, who killed Jason Blossom? And how do all these teens have such perfect hair?

3. Ozark
Netflix has been on a roll lately with creating amazing new shows. This one definitely doesn't disappoint! Dark and eery, you follow Jason Bateman and his family as they have his boss follow him to the Ozarks in order to watch him as he wins back money his friend screwed the boss man out of (did I mention the boss was high on the mob chain?). With every turn seeming to spiral into more despair for this family, you'll be rooting for them to make it out alive and unscathed. If only owing money to some bad guys wasn't the only thing damaging there livelihood.

4. Dexter
Were you late to the serial killer obsession like I was? No worries, Netflix has you covered. They have every episode streaming now, giving you a chance to stay in bed and watch all day if you like (trust me, it will happen without you even knowing it). Even if you are just wanting to re watch the series, Dexter is definitely the show that never gets old. The real question, does it make you a psychopath if you are rooting for him to kill more people? Or better yet, why does his sister cry in almost every episode? I might not be the biggest fan of the shows ending (who's with me?) but it's still one of my all time favorites. 

5. American Horror Story
This has been a favorite of mine since the first episode aired. Once I got rid of cable my heart sunk a little. Netflix, the hero that it is, felt the pain and keeps the seasons as current as possible. While I wait for the new season to start with desperate desire, I love watching previous seasons again. This show is so artistically dark that there really isn't a show or movie out right now that you can compare it to. Two thumbs up to the creators for making each season so uniquely dark and twisted while still finding a way to connect each season into one big story line.

Hopefully I gave you new ideas to add to your list or reminded you of shows you just can't help to watch again. Let me know what your current faves are, I'm always looking for new loves.


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