Millennial Chronicles: The Pumpkin Spice Girl

The hype around the pumpkin spice latte has almost become its own identity over the years. "Oh, your a pumpkin spice kind of girl." What the hell does that mean? And what type of girl do people see when they hear that? Pumpkin spice has also found its way into the term 'Basic B!tch' which has a meaning all to its own. If you ask around, this girl usually has insta pictures of Starbucks coffee while wearing leggings and Uggs. Basically, if you like any popular brand, store, app, or music than you have become basic. 

I've identified as this term more than once in my life. In fact, it's a running joke with anyone who sees my Starbucks coffee in one hand and my tattoo with a compass made out of arrows on the other. Personally, I don't appreciate anyone being put into a personality box. No one person falls into a certain niche all nice and neat like society assumes. Yes, I do love getting that first pumpkin spice latte when the weather starts to chill and leaves start to fall. I also enjoy listening to a mix of rock, blues, top 40, r&b, and any other genre on the map and if you ask me about what is going on in the world I'll be able to keep up (shocker for a basic girl, I know!)

Don't get me wrong, stereotyping is something we all do. I would be a hypocrite if I said I had never stereotyped someone into a little box. The problem isn't that we do it, the problem is we do it and let that lead the way for future interactions instead of getting to know the person. If you saw a women walking down the street with her iPhone stuck to her face and leggings on underneath her designer Ugg boots you might keep walking, just assuming she is prissy or too 'basic' for you. Little do you know this women is CEO of a company and has these clothes on because it's her first day off in weeks, she finally gets to wear a comfortable outfit, and she is on the phone with an employee.

If you put all of my friends into one room you would see a diverse cluster of different people of all ages, sexes, races, and likes. This is because once you stop letting your judgments get in the way you realize that there is more depth and care baked into each unique individual. Once you close yourself into the 'box' you've been put into you risk never broadening your horizons to new and wonderful experiences. I've also met people who act out there persona, not because that is who they are, but more they know that is what is expected of them. I'm here to call it! Don't let other people change who you are for the sake of their ignorant minds. Do you think Chanel ever let someone tell her who she was? 

Drink that pumpkin spice if you like it. Walk around town in leggings if it feels comfortable. Don't shave your legs if you see no need to. Or dress up in a gown and heels to go see a movie. Just be comfortable loving every element of yourself. For yourself.

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