The Sweet Six: Vol. 2

Here comes another round of my current obsessions for this past week. While it might look like I'm all over the place I can assure you that yes, my mind is truly that all over the place.

1. Bralettes
I've learned there is something so special about having a lace little bra supporting your lovely ladies while slowly peaking out of a shirt to show off a little bit of sexiness. You can't beat comfort and confidence!

2. Harry Potter
Every fall season, for whatever reason, I start the journey through Harry Potter once again. This series will always be a second home for me. You're never too old for a little magic. 

3. Stephen King's IT
Since I was a little kid (sorry mom, I probably shouldn't admit this) I was obsessed with Stephen King. His stories were always so dark and the movies were so cheesy. When I first saw they were remaking this movie I had a little freak out moment. This movie was the reason my phobia of clowns is all too real.

4. Labor Day
...Because this should come around once a month, not just once a year.

5. Pumpkin Spice Latte
If you read my last article you will understand that all of your backlash has no place here ya bullies. Pumpkin Spice is delicious and you would know if you shut your trap and took a sip. Even if you don't like it, we all know the day it comes out that pre-fall feeling is in the air!

6. 30 Seconds to Mars new single 'Walk On Water'
Yes, I fan-girl out to anything Jared Leto. I've loved listening to the evolution of this band and when there new single came out it was everything I dreamed of. If you are wanting an inspirational anthem, here you go.

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