Broke Girls Guide: Hailey Baldwin

We all have that girl crush that we ooh and aww at when we see photos of them surface via the internet. While my girl crush list is extremely long (Beyonce, of course, #1 on the list) I do have my faithful crushes that never go away. Hailey Baldwin is definitely one of my favorites. With beauty, style, and the Baldwin name (a family that could adopt me any day if they would like!), she is becoming a force in the industry.

While this picture has been circulating for a little over a year now I still find the simplicity of this ensemble beautiful and elegant. Her outfit might cost my rent for the next four months but with a little research anything is possible in fashion. Below I have a few options for each piece in this 'day to night out look' for you to pick and choose your favorites.

What I truly love about outfits like this is how versatile it can be and how you can change small pieces to give it a new vibe. While I have some suggestions below to match Hailey's style without breaking the bank, remember that you can mix and match whatever you want to make this style truly yours. Personally I would switch out the jewelry with a colorful choker and cute pendant necklace to add a flash of color.

Remember, fashion has no rules!


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