How To: Keep Skin Hydrated Through the Winter Season

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The winter season. This comes with beautiful snowy trees (depending on your location), amazing candle scents, new holiday Starbucks drinks, fun with family and friends, and dry skin. Every year like clockwork my body turns into a pile of flakes at the first signs of cold weather. If you don't have this problem then, besides me being completely envious, these tips are still great to keep your skin happy and healthy during the cold season.

Over the years I have tried, and failed, and tried again at different routines to keeping my skin from turning into itchy flakes before I even walk out the front door. While we can't just take a lotion bath and call it good (we can dream!) there are different products and routines to keep your skin moisturized and healthy throughout these dry days!

1. Dry Brushing
A simple step that takes only a few minutes of our time yet it seems a step we forget. Before I head to the shower I always take a natural dry loofah and, working in circular motions, gently rub my skin starting from the bottom of my legs all the way to my shoulders. Not only is this a great way to increase circulation, decrease cellulite, and increase skins vibrancy it also helps 'rough up' the dry skin laying on the top. Plus it feels amazing (always a bonus). You can use a loofah or a bristle brush to get the job done.

2. Exfoliate
This isn't something that you should do EVERY time you shower. I've learned from my own experience that there is such thing as too much exfoliation. That being said, you should be exfoliating 1-3 times a week depending on how dry your skin is. This is a great way to get rid of that dead skin and help if you are wanting to get a closer shave by getting rid of the extra layers our skin can build up. I usually go for the drugstore sugar scrubs but you can get a bag of RAW sugar as well for a cheap and effective way to fluff off those pesky flakes. Side note: if you look online there are hundreds of recipes to make your own sugar scrubs (a great little Christmas present as well).

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3. Moisturize

When I meet someone who doesn't lotion I always give them a look of horror. While some people have beautiful glowing skin all year round most of us have moisturizing as a necessity after showering. Even if you feel you don't need it your skin can still dry out from different weather to even a lack of water (I know some days more coffee than water hits my body). Depending on your skins needs and sensitivities will tell you what kind of moisturizer you need for you skin. Personally, strong scents cause burning for my skin so I always go for a Shea butter infused lotion with no added fragrances. Jergins has always been a great and trusted brand, giving you a deep moisturizing treatment without making your skin feel wet or sticky.

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4. Drink Water
This tip is just a given for anyone at any given time. Water is truly a savior that we take for granted. Try to get at least 8 cups of water in a day to make that body of yours happy. When you are well hydrated your body will thank you (I promise). Besides the con of having to use the restroom more often, this tip has only good outcomes for you and your body. A great tip to help keep you hydrated, wake you up, and boost metabolism is to drink hot lemon water in the morning. This is a great start for your day and will make you feel energized for the day ahead!

5. Body Butter
This is definitely a step for those girls out there who take off there clothes at the end of the night and see 'snow' fly out (I know, gross, but it happens!). I'm a nighttime kind of person when it comes to showering so I make sure each morning to add a layer of body butter to my body as soon I wake. This is completely optional but this step I've recently added and it truly has done a world of difference. If you want you can even swipe out the body butter for some coconut oil.

If you are apart of the dry skin club then I hope these few tips help keep you soft and moisturized throughout the winter season. Or you can always try out that bath of lotion trick, however that might create a little bit of a mess in the tub for you to clean up.

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