Ultimate Makeup Gift Guide

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Whether you have a friend who is a makeup connoisseur or you are wanting to get a little treat for yourself during the holidays, makeup sets are a great gift during the Christmas season. I always love going to stores and finding those perfect sets that I can't normally afford (and better yet, you usually get more products for half the price!).

These are by far my favorite sets for gift giving or selfishly keeping for yourself (guilty as charged!). I will say out of the entire list my favorite right now is the Jaclyn Hill Palette. I recently just purchased this and I'm in love! It comes with a great array of colors and the pigment is out of this world! When it comes to makeup my heart melts a little when I find the perfect set of goodies to give to my friends and family.

If you are not familiar with makeup or have absolutely no clue what to get someone, these products are going to be a great investment for your makeup-loving friend.


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