10 Tips To Start Your Week Off Right

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Monday for most of us is groan-worthy. If you work a typical week, then you just enjoyed two awesome days off and now the week must begin again. Throughout the years I have found that if certain factors aren’t made then my entire week is put into an ominous rut. Let’s face it…if your Monday starts out in the drain that usually sets the rest of the days into a downward spiral. These 10 tips will help get that brain churning and perk your mood up come Monday.

Plan out the week ahead
Whether it be with a physical ‘I can hold this planner’ or an app, make a rough outline of things you need to accomplish for the week. I also make a little goal at the top of each day that I would like to accomplish. If I just didn’t get around to it, then I’ll move it to another day until it is completed.

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Clean House
I find a spotless house always leads to a fresh mind. Throughout the week my mind and my tasks sometimes take first to little odds and ends around the house that needs cleaning. On Sunday I like to get my dishes, laundry, and other small chores out of the way so that I can awake Monday morning with a clean and new slate for the week.

Sleep Schedule
Once Friday rolls around my freedom to stay up late usually goes a little overboard. Like a kid in school, I find it rebellious to stay up late and binge my favorite shows or go out with friends. When Sunday rolls around, I find it difficult to fall asleep or wake up that upcoming morning. While I still stay up late on the weekends and revel at sleeping in, I try to find the right balance. Don’t stray too far from your regular sleeping schedule so you can wake bright and rejuvenated the next day. Make sure you get enough zzz’s in the night as well; otherwise crankiness will ensue.

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 Relax Time
Sunday is a day of rest, right? While I try my best, there are some weeks that I have too much planned to have a nice break from the world. Because of this, I’ve made it a routine to wake a little earlier Monday morning so that I can get ready at my own pace. If you can do this every day, well, kudos to you! My relationship to the mornings has never been that great. Therefore I make sure I have one day that forces me to get out of bed and actually enjoy getting ready. Jam out to some music, stretch, or just enjoy that morning cup of coffee before starting the day.

Plan out the Wardrobe
No, I’m not skilled enough to have pieces ready for each day or use a particular app to keep everything organized. One day maybe! Until then I do like to at least look at my clothes Sunday and find pieces that I might want to wear for the upcoming week. I’ll move these outfits to the front of my closet, so I have an idea of what to pick out. This takes a little stress away from the mornings for me. If you want to go up a step, there are several apps out there that help with organizing your wardrobe for you so you can find what to wear from the comfort of your bed.

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Meal Prep
Again, you don’t have to go crazy with this. There are some weeks where I’m feeling particularly motivated to cook and portion my food for three days in advance. However, most weeks just consist of looking at what I will need for food and shopping. I do try to get things like oatmeal, bars, and microwave meals for weeks when I know I’ll need something fast and simple for the day. It’s a huge time saver and keeps me from using my lunch break to get fattening fast food that I’ll regret later.

Journal It
This isn’t English class, so I promise no grading will happen. You don’t need to have complete sentences or pages of information. You don’t even need to do this every day. I have found journaling to be a nice little relaxer on days when I want to get things off of my chest. You can even use it to write down goals, to do lists, or just something you were proud of.

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Going to the gym is just not me. I’ve never been a huge fan of running on a treadmill while other people watch; reminds me too much of speech class in school. My morning routine has never consisted of exercising just for the mere fact of…I hate mornings! I keep the vigorous activities for the evening, but I still want to get my body moving somewhat before starting the day. Stretching is a nice relaxing way to start the day off. You can do it for as little as five minutes, and there is no need to break a sweat. Stretching helps get the blood pumping and wakes your muscles up, which in turns, helps wake you up.

Enjoy the Weekend
While prepping and planning help out in more ways than one, they shouldn’t be the only thing you do during the two days off. When tedious chores outweigh the fun moments that is when our minds start to inwardly groan for Monday. “What did you do this weekend?” is a common question I get asked on Monday mornings. If I did nothing for myself the answer usually disappoints the person asking the question as well as myself. You don’t have to go to a theme park to have a good time (however that does always help). Simply watching your favorite show or going out for dinner will help improve your mood. Self-care should always be a priority!

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Motivate Your Mind
I used to jam out to my favorite songs on the drive to work each morning. While this was great and improved my mood the effects only lasted a short while. I had a friend lean me towards podcasts, and I’ve been hooked since. I downloaded Podcast Addict and found a few motivating podcasts that get me pumped for the day ahead (look up Girlboss or TedTalks). Not into motivating speeches in the morning? Meditation is also a great way to get the day started correctly. Headspace is a great app for anyone looking into meditation. It only takes around 10 minutes and helps rejuvenate your mind for the day!


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