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Obviously as an aspiring blogger I have an obsession with finding new websites with amazing content. I can sit on my computer for hours browsing different sites and reading new and interesting articles. If you are reading this that means you probably have the same love for the written word as well. Below I have a few of my current obsessions that I return to on a daily basis for amazing content.

A Cup of Jo
I was a little late to the craze that is A Cup Of Jo. Joanna Goddard, the creator, does an amazing job at mixing an array of topics for everyone to enjoy. From motherhood to interesting interviews with fascinating people this is definitely a lifestyle blog you will get stuck on for hours.

Her story alone is inspiration goals. She has a very open mentality with her writing and gives great advice for people who are looking to make blogging a full time job.

Remember the clothing line of Nasty Gal? The cool and independent women that is Sophia Amoruso created an empire from her book 'Girlboss'. Her website has the same spirit as the book with amazing articles for women empowerment and showcases an array of successful women in different careers.

This collection of articles is what truly inspired me to write about things that I care about and to follow my dreams. If you're looking for motivation or helpful pointers to get through life this is definitely a site worth looking up.

Miracles, Musings and Memories
Written by Angel Andrewson, this blog has beautiful poetry and musings that touch the soul. I'm a sucker for poetry; finding it not only soothing but also incredibly artistic. With a simple layout it is easy to navigate deep inside her mind and find relatable content to our own lives.

Free People Blog
This stems from the Free People clothing and lifestyle store that has amazing fashion and accessories for any type of spirit. The blog has that same whimsical vibe, giving amazing DIY advice and insightful information on self care and love. I've been a follower of this site for years and always look to it on my relax days to find great information to help unwind and just live a healthier life.

Global Grasshopper
Warning: once you enter you will be filled with a severe case of wanderlust. Combining beautiful imagery with amazing content you will feel like you've traveled the world from the comfort of your own bed. Looking to go on an adventure? Definitely check this out before packing your bags.

Let me know below what your 'can't live without' blogs are? I'm always looking for new and amazing content to add to my bookmarks.

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