Broke Girls Guide: Demi Lovato

Punk Rock Style Pop Goddess. This long description is what I would use to talk about the beautiful and incredibly talented Demi Lovato. There are very few musicians out there who have caused tears to form in my eyes just by a voice. Demi is one of those talents who can stir emotions with her powerful songs and melodies.

If you are not a huge Demi fan (which means something might be a tad wrong with you) then you should at least be a fan of the courage she portrays and how she is a huge advocate for women's rights. Following her on different social media you will find a woman who has grown comfortable in her skin and is teaching women all over the world to do the same. You go girl!

A third reason (out of the millions) I love her is that punk rock style that she pulls off so effortlessly; giving me major nostalgia. Remember the emo/punk phase? She has updated that look making it chic and down right sexy. This outfit sums up what I'm talking about; easy, sexy, and punk goddess material. Below you'll find a cheaper pieces of this rocker vibe to wear out when going to get a drink with friends or going to a concert! Now you can rock out in style and on a budget!

The great thing about outfits like these? With the neutral tones and lax style you can mix and match these with other pieces in your wardrobe for variety.


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