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Driving up Lombard Street in my Chevy Impala, all that is going through my head is if I get up this damn street I will never do this again. With little beads of sweat falling and my heart pumping a mile a minute I come to a halt at the stop sign and wait for any cars passing by that I can’t see. After my car starts reversing slightly I press hard on the gas and finally get to where I’m going. Never. Again.

To the people of San Francisco all I can do is applaud them for living where streets go from flat to 90 degree angles in a blink of an eye. With that being said, the city has a romantic beauty to it that leaves you stunned. I’ve now visited this beautiful city twice and I’m already planning my next trip back.

With the beautiful ocean next to you, the smell of delicious foods, and of course the golden gate bridge you could easily spend a lifetime learning what the city has to offer. If it’s your first time going and you are too stunned to know what to do don’t worry! I got you covered.

While some of these places are a no brainer they are still the most beautiful sights the eye can behold. It would take years to put down every place that I love but here are my top sight-seeing areas in the San Francisco area. Enjoy the breeze, take in the view, and above all have fun!

Golden Gate Bridge
This, of course, is a given. The bridge might look beautiful in pictures but just wait till you see it. Watching locals run in the morning makes me envious that they have this type of view for their morning jog.  My best advice is to get a hotel right outside of the city so that you can drive across the bridge multiple times. It truly is magical.

Coit Tower
Not only does this tower have a beautiful history but it gives you an incredible view of the city. You have to wait in line (and drive up VERY steep streets) but once you get to the top it is totally worth it. The tower is filled with beautiful art from various artists and the story behind it is romance at its finest.

Granted I haven’t been to many Chinatown areas in the world but I’m putting it out there that this is the best! Blocks of amazing stores filled with exotic art and cheap finds, you will find yourself spending hours in this area! Not to mention the food is to die for.

Alcatraz Island
I know, you’re thinking “I know all these places” but make sure to get your ticket in advance! I was lucky to go during an off season the first time and got tickets for that day. The second time around the wait was far too long for us to go visit again. The boat ride to this little island gives you a beautiful view of the city and the bridge. Once there you learn the amazing story about the island and the history it holds. Even if you’re not into famous criminals you will find this fascinating.

Stinson Beach
It’s a bit of a drive (one that I got lost trying to find) but incredibly worth it. The drive there is breathtaking; winding and grooving around a mountain. On one side you see the ocean and on the other you are right next to a beautiful mountainside. Once you get to the beach you won’t want to leave. The waves crashing on the sand is too mesmerizing to put into words. Make sure to bring a jacket though! The water stays at a nice chilly temperature all year long.

Muir Woods
If you have never seen red woods then you’re in luck! This national park is not only super cheap but takes you deep into woods that have been around for centuries. The trees are so high they look as if they touch the sky (did I make a rhyme?).

Bus Tour Tickets Can Be Found Here

Big Bus Tours
Yes, it is unbelievably touristy to take a bus around a city but definitely worth the cheesiness. Make sure to get a spot on the top (and again, bring a jacket!). The tour takes you all over the city and they do an amazing job at pointing out remarkable spots and historical sites. The tour gives you amazing ideas of places to visit as well as a perfect stop on the tour for that seamless Instagram picture.

Fisherman’s Wharf
Again, unbelievably touristy but these spots are popular for a reason. They have amazing little shops and restaurants. This is the hit spot as well to see the famous sea lions resting within eyes view. While the smell might not be the greatest the walk makes up for that! Don’t forget to visit a Ghirardelli store and get yourself a truffle. You won’t regret it!

While I could go on and on about different places this is a great start for anyone who has a short amount of time in this beautiful city. Although I’m used to flat lands and am terrified of driving up and down steep streets I can see why so many people are flocking to this place. If you have any other ‘must see’ places let me know! I’m already scheduling my next vacation for the beautiful San Francisco. 

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