Broke Girls Guide: Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot. Do I need say more? The woman is complete perfection in my eyes (yes, I'm major crushing right now). Not only does she play a role that makes me want to go save the world but she just seems so sweet and down to earth. Plus her flawless skin has me swooning! What do you do for perfect skin? Teach me!

If you look at her street style you will see, as well as being so adorable, her style is so effortless. Maybe because Superwoman has more important things to do? We'll never know I guess. She gives off a chic 'I barely thought about this' vibe that I crave. Why I picked this outfit is purely because of the simple sexiness of it. This is one of those outfits that can be worn on a date night, out to see a movie with friends, or a special event. The plus side? The neutral tones look amazing on everyone!

Forget your LBD and switch is up with a cute 'Little White Dress'. I love how simple the dress is yet has that sexy slit in the middle to give it a little extra umph! White is such a great statement piece in a wardrobe that lets you really play around with different colors to fit your style.

Her jacket is #trenchgoals. Finding the perfect trench coat is as important as the perfect pair of jeans. A coat is a true investment; it must work (obviously) but also look amazing with everything. Once you find that perfect fit you'll feel like you are in a second skin. It can turn any outfit into a 'put together' look.

When it comes to heels the variety is endless. I love her classic leopard print but you can really play around. Want a splash of color? Try a nice red heel. Want to play down the outfit? Get a cute pair of ballet flats.

..and of course accessories are everything. They are what truly bring together any look and, let me say, she is wearing that red lipstick like a true goddess!


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