Broke Girls Guide: Gigi Hadid

Sexy 70's vibe, to me, is super relaxing and easy to pull off for anyone. Above all, make sure you have a nice shaggy coat and you can turn almost anything into a retro fashion statement. Gigi has a very simple yet colorful look in this outfit that I just admire. To me, rocking these statement pieces gives you a little more confidence in your step!

While these aren't the exact colors of Gigi's coat, they are retro and lust-worthy! If you are wanting to find the perfect shaggy coat without breaking the bank I would advise vintage and thrift stores. It might take some hunting but you can usually find that perfect steal. Below are a few alternatives for a great price!

For her jeans they have that perfect worn in mom-jean look. Who knew mom jeans would look good and stylish. The lining in the center gives off a more retro vibe that blends well with everything. These options give you the choice to go with the vintage look or have a modern edge.

Those sunglasses! While personally that would not fit my head, orange sunnies work perfectly for a retro carefree feel. These will make you look cool (and dream of summer) for a fraction of the price.

Her shoes are more matched with the coat. Simple sneakers are perfect for this outfit; as if you put no effort into anything but it blends together impeccably. Her bag (while you can't see it as well) is a classic fringe white purse that can go with almost any outfit.

To me a white tank top is a staple in any wardrobe. You can pair it with any outfit and make it look casual or dress it up. To me, thin fabric and a tad baggy equals the 'it' tank to have. You can tuck it into the jeans to accentuate your waste or let it hang for a relaxed feel.

Even if you don't want to copy this outfit pieces like these are great to have in your closet. Jeans and tanks will never go out of style! Remember, pick what makes you feel good. You should never leave the house in something you are not comfortable wearing.


  1. Shocking outfits accumulation! I adore that coat, and those sneaks as well! a debt of gratitude is in order for your posting.
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