Gift Guide To Valentine's Day

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It's that time of year again; the dreadful for some, romantic for others day of the year. A day that lets you feel all the feels worth feeling with your significant other (enough feels for you?). I'm going to be honest; I've never truly celebrated this holiday. Most of my Valentine days have consisted of my mother buying me a stuffed animal and sending cute little heart emoji to all my friends and family.

The past couple years I've had to work this special day making my 'special day' with my partner pushed to the side. The reason I love this holiday is not because of the romance that ensues but more the idea behind it. I love surprising my loved ones with a cute little heart shape boxed or just brightening their day with a sweet note. Being skilled in the single life I can successfully say that your Valentine does not have to be your significant other; just someone you care for dearly.

This being said, gifts are usually a factor in this holiday (like most commercialized holidays). If you are stumped on what to get your significant other, your mom, or just yourself...I got you covered! While flowers, bears, and chocolates are a given I think these gifts are a nice unique take on this sweet holiday.

If this doesn't work then just paint your face with a red heart and go out hugging random people (of course you might get sent to the nearest psychiatric facility but no judging here!).

For Her (or yourself...or him! Love is in the air, fill it with red happiness)

For Him (or yourself...well you get what I'm putting down)

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