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The flu season is among us! Shut the doors; break out the antibacterial everything! I hope everyone out there is living a healthy un-illness type of life but, unfortunately, not everyone is lucky during this time of year. Boxes of tissues come out of their dusty homes, medicine lines the edges of the bed, and a sick body lays despondently waiting for the end.

If you are one of the unfortunate ones then I have found a few remedies in my past excursions that have helped me through the tough times. So grab that tissue, cuddle up to your device, and try to remember a few of these in your Nyquil haze.

See a Doctor
I’m sorry, I have to put this. I’m not a fan of going to the doctors. I’m more of a web search it and freak out type of girl. Unfortunately these steps do not get rid of the flu. If you feel the flu coming on you should always seek a doctor’s help (they have the good pills after all).

Water is your Friend
We forget how magical water can be in times of need. This amazing liquid that might not taste all that great can actually help you! Usually when you are sick it also means you’re probably pretty dehydrated. Water will help your body along as it tries to fight all the little pests trying to bring you down.

Herbal Teas
This is something I swear by! I usually buy lemon ginger tea by the bucket load and add extra ginger and lemon to the mix. Put a little honey in it and this will be your sick form of dessert! Ginger is a great additive for the flu; it helps warm up the body from the inside which will help break that fever that’s been haunting you.

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Rest, Rest, Rest
Your body is fighting a tough battle and definitely puts a strain on, well, everything. Give your body the much needed rest it deserves. This will give it the time it needs to fight the good fight! Plus sleeping is just a favorite past time we all don’t get enough of.

Bone Broth
Sounds gross, tastes and works like a charm. Bone broth has an amazing amount of minerals that help boost your immune system. It is also great for digestive help, reduces cellulite, and promotes good joint health. You can’t help but love something that makes you feel better and does a little extra!

I LOVE adding garlic to everything (which is weird since I used to hate it). While the taste is a little strong, you can add it to any soup to help downplay the strength. Garlic is a great anti-oxidant and promotes all around health. Yes, after you do all these remedies you are going to need to use the bathroom about 100 times, but you are going to feel amazing!

Vitamin C
Absolutely amazing for the immune system (and will perk your spirits up). I could go on and on about Vitamin C (hello, big fan over here!). All you need to know is it helps your immunity and is found in some very delicious foods…especially oranges!

All in all there are hundreds of different foods, drinks, and vitamins you can take that will help your week of hell move along a little bit faster. As long as you listen to your body, feed it healthy and happy foods, and give yourself plenty of rest you should turn up on the other side!  

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