My Top 5 Essentials When Travelling

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I might not be a travelling connoisseur but the few times I have visited other places we champed it in my old Chevy Impala.  Something about driving cross country in a car has always caressed my inner soul (too deep?). I love mapping out a little game plan but having that spontaneity to be able to stop wherever we like. One thing I’m miserable at? That would be packing all of my necessities for a trip. I kid you not the last road trip I took I quite literally forgot to pack a single pair of underwear (I thank the heavens most towns have a Wal-Mart).

Now with a little bit more experience under my belt I have a few essentials that I NEVER leave home without. Whether you are keeping it old school in a vehicle or going by plane, these essentials are great for every vacationer.

Clothing for All Climates
The first time I traveled to San Francisco I was naive thinking California is always sunny and warm. I packed only tanks and shorts and spent the entire trip shivering like the dumb little tourist that I was. Now I make sure, no matter where I am going, to have an outfit for all climates. While it might seem at the time like a waste of space I promise it could be the best thing you pack in your luggage (don’t forget undies either!).

PS: This also goes for shoes…because walking 10 miles in pumps is not fashionable, it’s painful and stupid.

Small Backpack
You can make this fashionable; I promise! I use a Victoria secret little satchel that carries all my necessities for the day. I noticed that lugging a purse around can get a little treacherous when you are walking around a new town or city all day long. Having something that you can carry on your back will not only save your shoulders but let you carry a few more necessities like camera, wallet, phone charger, water, etc. I use one that cinches instead of zips (a little harder for thieves to grab your stuff).
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Have you ever been vacationing and are just roaming a city, letting the time fly by? Then all of a sudden it hits like a ton of bricks; you’re deliriously hungry. Little snacks come in handy in these dire situations. There are times that you just need a little something in between your next meal (especially when you get lost in your car and are surrounded by nothing but mountains and no phone signal).

Travel Size Everything
Carrying full size products not only takes up space in your suitcase but is incredibly hard to keep track of. Don’t accidentally forget your full bottle of shampoo in a hotel; switch to travel size products for easier carrying. You won’t miss them if you accidentally leave them somewhere and it gives you more space for either more products or other items. I usually by a few of my products in travel size and then purchase a few small empty bottles that I can refill for my odds and ends.

I forgot this once and regretted it immediately. I might not have looked like a lobster but I was sore and dry for two weeks after. Even if you don’t think you’ll need it, trust me, you will. You can get sunburnt in almost any climate and, while a tan might look nice, cancer never does.

Let me know below what you’re top 5 essentials are when hitting the road! Obviously I still like to bring things like my phone, camera, makeup, chargers….you get where I’m going. These are just those pesky little essentials that we sometimes forget about in the rush of packing. When you pack smartly it makes the actual vacationing part a little less stressful. Now I just need to figure out the motivation some people have to unpack everything once home!


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