The Benefits of Dancing

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I’m a sucker for an upbeat tempo and anything by BeyoncĂ©. Once a catchy tune comes on I can’t stop my body from flailing around like a mad woman. When I was younger my mother put me through dance classes for 5 years and, even though all my skills are long gone, my urge to bust a move is still prominent.

Dancing has always been a stress relieving hobby for me. Once my body starts swaying I can feel all the tension leaving my body. Even though I might not look elegant while shimming and shaking I still do it without worrying about any judgment. The great thing about busting a move? It’s amazing for your body, mind, and soul.

If you ever watch professional dancers you’ll notice that they have amazing strength and phenomenal form. You don’t have to be a pro to get a lot out of that morning shake you do while getting ready in the shower. Dancing helps improve:

-Condition of your heart and lungs
-Endurance and motor fitness
-Increases aerobic fitness
-Muscle tone and strength
-Stronger bones
-Better coordination
-Boosts confidence
-Above all, your mood!

Since this blog is all about being graceful as well as a tad of a klutz dancing fits right into this routine. I can trip over my own two feet (and have done so multiple times) but when I start dancing all of a sudden my feet actually know where to go.

You can dance around your house while doing menial chores and it doesn’t even feel like you were exercising. To me, anything that can get you moving and having fun is always a good time for everyone. So blast your favorite track, bust a move, and don’t care what anybody thinks! 

(Besides, we all know they’re just jealous they can’t shake like that)

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