The Vaseline Trick For Dry Skin

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I’m a dry girl; it’s just a sad fact that I’ve come to accept. No matter how many moisturizers and oils I layer onto my body I always end up with flakes an hour later. When I take off black yoga pants you see a horror film of dead skin attached. It’s gross. Wanna know what lotions work and which ones flop? I got you covered! I’ve probably tried every single lotion out there and, alas, it still has yet to make a difference.

In walks Vaseline looking all fat and cocky.

All you have to do is type in ‘benefits of Vaseline’ to your search bar and you will be bombarded with lists upon lists of what this jelly can do for you. It really is a staple in anyone’s household. I love products that are multipurpose; it makes shopping a lot easier! If you are a desert body like me then this little trick will be your saving grace.

Warning: you are going to feel oily, yet amazing, at the same time.

Put that jar of amazingness next to your shower. Once in the shower do your typical bathing ritual; shampoo, conditioner, exfoliating…the works! This trick only works if you let your pores open up in the shower (or bath, whichever you prefer). Once you’ve cleansed your skin, it’s time for the main event! Get that Vaseline out and rub it in those typical dry areas (or your entire body!).

I hate doing this and love it all at the same time. You will understand the hatred once you have attempted this. Trying to get Vaseline onto wet skin is NO JOKE. The Jelly does not work well with water. However, I love this because it forces you to really massage your skin to get everything spread evenly.

After this little workout, let the warm water run over your body for a few minutes before jumping out of the shower. This gives everything a chance to melt into your skin and sink in to pores.  After this all I need to do is put a light coat of lotion on and I’m set! Even if you don’t have dry skin everywhere this is still a great trick for anyone who has dry patches or areas that need a little more TLC.

Afterwards; go out and show off that beautiful moisturized skin of yours!

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