Why Water Is Beneficial For You and Your Body

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We have all heard the story, seen the facts…we get it! Water is great and amazing. However do you actually know why it is good for your body? I mean, besides it hydrating our bodies of course. If you are interested then just keep reading! If you are a no water type of person then have fun with dehydration and premature wrinkles.

What can water do?
Let’s get the good ol’ list out:

-Helps aide in weight loss
-Improves all over skin complexion
-Boosts immune system
-Increases energy
-Lowers fatigue
-Flushes out any toxins
-Regulate body temperature
-Helps deliver oxygen throughout the body
-Regulates healthy digestion

Now, how much should I be taking?
We’ve all heard the 8 cups of water rule; but is this really the recommended intake? It seems odd that 8 cups is necessary for all shapes and sizes. We might have the same percentage of water in our bodies (60% to be exact) but that doesn’t mean that number is a one size fits all.

Unfortunately there is no set of numbers I can give you. The amount of water intake a person needs is based off of a multitude of factors including weight, physical activity, and the amount of sweat that leaves our bodies. That doesn’t mean I can’t give you a rough estimate.

According to stats, the recommended daily intake for men is 3.7 liters (around 15 ½ cups) and 2.7 liters (around 11 cups) for women. That being said, there are plenty of foods and drinks besides water that we ingest throughout the day that has H20 as well! So this intake of water can be slightly lowered.

This doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong by drinking 8 cups a day! As long as you are keeping yourself hydrated you are off to a great start. Feeling hungry? Drink some water first. Sometimes what we perceive as hunger is actually our bodies telling us we are dehydrated.
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Great…so what happens if I don’t drink water?
Good question! Without water our body has a harder time of keeping us alive (sounds a little scary, I know). For instance, our kidneys thrive off of H20. Without it our kidneys have a harder time getting rid of all the waste and toxins that our bodies build up.

Without water it can also create higher blood pressure, increase the aging process (aka those pesky wrinkles), make it harder for our brain to deal with thinking and reasoning, and restrict our airways (making asthma and allergies a big no no).

Bottom line; it doesn’t look too hot to be stingy with that clear liquid!

Not everyone has access to this, right?
Now you know why water is such a key part of our daily lives. Unfortunately not everyone has access to this amazing resource. While the world might be made of mostly water that does not mean it is all drinkable. Think for a second…what would you do if you were out of water? I know I’d freak out a bit!

If you want to help there are plenty of organizations that work around the clock to bring water to countries that don’t have it readily available. The Water Project is one of those organizations and you don’t have to give an arm and a leg! Just a few dollars can help someone in need.

If you don’t have any $$ to spare there are also plenty of organizations that need volunteers or do fun projects (like UNICEF) that bring water to people every time you stay off of your phone!

Water=Life (literally)


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