Why You Need Vitamin C in Your Skincare Routine

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‘Try this new serum’, ‘this au natural cream is a must’, ‘buy buy buy’. Everywhere we look there are ads and amazing placement on the internet and in our daily lives that make our buying process that much harder. When you go into the skin aisle of any store you are literally thrown to the wolves; so many options! What do I get?

Being an avid consumer of anything pretty, shiny, or seen in an ad; I can tell you right now that not all products are life changing. One product that is life changing? Vitamin C. You know about it through fruit and, well, fruit. Did you know you can also put this magical vitamin on your skin and it actually look amazing? I certainly didn’t.

If you are unfamiliar with the benefits of consuming Vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) then I have a list of just a few payoffs consuming this will get you:

-development and repair of body tissue
-formation of collagen (if you don’t know much about this check out my post here!)
-absorption of iron
-maintain healthy bone, cartilage, and teeth
-boosts immune system
-prevents cancer and heart disease

As you can see it’s a pretty great vitamin for the body and can be found in delicious foods like oranges, pineapples, and strawberries. However that is not why you came here. You came here to figure out why you should be slapping this on your face (maybe not literally though).

Promotes Collagen Production
Just like consumption; Vitamin C used as a serum can help boost collagen levels in the skin. This, in turn, helps smooth out fine lines and wrinkles while keeping the skin young and youthful without painful needles or crazy expensive creams.

Has Healing Properties
Studies have shown that this antioxidant helps speed up your body’s natural healing process. This is a great benefit for anyone with any acne scarring or small cuts on the skin. Apply this regularly and it will help slowly diminish any traces of blemishes.

Evens out Skin Tone
While my face might be clear it is definitely not even in complexion. To deal with this I use my serums to help reduce redness and have a nice even tone. If you check out my nighttime skincare routine I talk about when and how to properly apply the serum before bed.

All in all Vitamin C is a great antioxidant that you should definitely add to your routine. The amazing properties can also heal sunburns, reduce dark circles, and create all around healthier skin. The great thing about this? You KNOW what you’re putting on your skin or in your body. If you are someone who gets a little nervous with ingredients that you can’t pronounce touching your skin then this is definitely a natural fix for all those questionable creams.

Don’t know what products to buy? I have below a few options for anyone wanting to buy buy buy! (See what I did there?) I promise you won’t regret this sweet treat for your skin!


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