Your Guide to a Great Staycation

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Not all of us can run off to the Bahamas during our vacation break or ski down a majestic mountain while staying at an adorable little cabin. If you have a vaca coming up and you fear the days will be spent morphing to your couch while binge watching Gilmore Girls…don’t fret! A staycation can be spent unwinding and having fun without the expensive cruise prices (promise).

Being a pro at creative ways to have fun; these few ideas might brighten up your day and help relax your body until that next work day. That being said, morphing to your couch and binge watching Gilmore Girls is sometimes exactly what is needed in our life.

Take a Mini Trip
You don’t have to drive hours to get a proper vacation day. Sometimes we are so blindsided by where we live that we forget there are towns in our own state that we’ve never visited. Even if you have been before, drive to a town you are not as familiar with. Try a new restaurant, walk the downtown area, try a new coffee shop. Extra fun tip: share the day with a friend. You can bounce ideas off of each other and just have a blast walking around a new place.

Spa Night
Whether you are a man or a woman a spa night is always a necessity. Don’t feel like going to an actual spa? Even better! Go to your local drug store and pick up a new face mask, robe, nail polish, or anything that brings you comfort. Then go pick out a couple movies you’ve been dying to see (or just absolutely worship) and pamper yourself. I love soaking in a lavender bubble bath, giving myself a mani/pedi, drinking some wine, and watching musicals. Spa night is all about treating yourself while staying nice and relaxed.

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Read a New Book
I love the feeling of lighting a few candles, snuggling up in bed, and opening up a new book. There is something so thrilling and cozy about this simple pleasure (I'm rereading the Harry Potter series for the millionth time). You can pick up that book you’ve meant to read a year ago, check out a couple at your local library, or go to a book store and make a nice little investment. Spend the night delving into the lives of fictional characters (or real, whatever makes you happy).

Have a Friends Night
Friends can lift even the saddest of spirits. Whether you plan on staying in or going out; call up a few of your besties and have a night! Go get dinner and follow an amazing meal with a few drinks and happy chatter. Not feeling the dress up and go out vibe? Order a couple pizzas and have a chill night. Having someone to talk to can drastically change your mood and improve stress levels.

Go to an Event
Whether it is a musician, movie, or the zoo, going out and doing something is never a bad idea (well, MOST of the time). Take yourself to the nearest zoo and just walk around. Even if you are just going to that local bar that has a local singer with a guitar; do it! We tend to introvert ourselves when we are feeling bored or lonely. Forcing yourself out of the house and around other people (or animals) is healthy for the mind.

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Pick up a New Hobby
Have absolutely nothing to do? Start a hobby you’ve been thinking of picking up for years. We all have those little hobbies in the back of our head; the ones we saw on Pinterest, thought I want to do that, and then forgot two days later. Start painting, photography, or finally getting on a skateboard. The great thing about a hobby is that it makes you happy. You don’t have to be good at it; just make sure you enjoy yourself in the process.

The biggest tip for a proper staycation? Enjoying yourself. No matter what you are doing always make sure you are having a good time. Once you get back to that 9 to 5 you’ll have all the time in the world to stress over small little things. This is your time to unwind from the chaos and uplift your spirit. Even if all you do is turn off your phone for a few days; keep YOURSELF first. 

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