23 Ways To Practice Self-Care

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Whether you are having a bad day or just want to change your overall daily mood, we should all practice self-care. The world brings struggle and anxiety left and right to the point of we start forgetting the main importance; taking care of ourselves! If you feel yourself getting drained try one (or all) of these self-care ideas to help reset your mood levels.

1. Go on a walk outside

2. Create a playlist of music that you can’t help but sing along to

3. Invest in candles/ aromatherapy diffusers

4. Spray lavender pillow mist on your bed before bed

5. Start a gratitude journal

6. Give yourself 5 minutes of rest for every hour worked

7. Drink plenty of water throughout the day

8. Create a cozy atmosphere with your shower/bath

9. Practice meditation or yoga to de-stress

10. Drink comforting teas like chamomile with honey

11. Give yourself a day away from technology

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12. Call a friend or loved one to chat with

13. Ask for help when needed

14. Read a book that interests you

15. List a few positive affirmations- and say them daily

16. Feed your body with happy healthy foods like fruit and veggies

17. Clean your space; a clean space = a clean mindset

18. Do something nice for a complete stranger (it boosts your mood!)

19. Go outside more

20. Remember that you ARE human; we all make mistakes

21. Visit your favorite coffee shop or restaurant

22. Pick up a new hobby

23. Move your furniture around and practice feng shui


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