Being Alright With A Relationship That Has Drifted Apart

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If you knew me ten years ago I would have been a completely different person (and still a teenager in high school). Even if you knew me just a year ago you would see drastic changes in my personality. This isn’t a bad thing; it’s in fact a very good thing (unless I’ve plummeted, which I’d like to think I haven’t). People are changing constantly and growing with age and wisdom. With growth we like new things and sometimes dislike things that we used to cherish. Relationships are the same way.

Over the years I’ve lost and gained friends as well as relationships. Until recently I felt horrible when I became out of touch with a friend; trying desperately to stay connected with them. Life does get in the way and we sometimes just are too busy. However, there are those instances when it’s not life that gets in the way, but our growth that has separated the bond.

If you find yourself going out with an old friend and not having a good experience almost every instance then it might be time to let that relationship come to an end. This doesn’t mean you have to pull a chord and delete them from your phone! It just means you two aren’t as close as you once were. The best thing about change is knowing you can always find others that have the same interests as yourself! I love finding a new friend almost more than when I was fishing for a relationship (not that I really ever fished).

One thing I’ve learned and am still learning every day is that it is ok to be selfish (to an extent). If you have assessed your friendship or relationship and find no happiness in it anymore then you don’t have to hang on for their sake. More times than not they might be feeling the same way and, realistically, it is better to drift apart then to hold on to something that is just pretend.

You can still keep in touch and you can still pop in to say hello every now and again; but your commitments change with you (and that’s ok). I recently realized that a friendship I held near and dear to my heart was now just causing me pain and anguish. We had drifted so far that when we did hangout we were both completely bored and a tad awkward. While I still check up on her I don’t force a situation that isn’t comfortable for either of us.

Just remember; life is extremely short and, while sometimes we have to do things we don’t like, we should only surround ourselves with people who we make happy and who make us happy in return!



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