Broke Girls Guide: Jaclyn Hill

She might not be on the big screen, but she is always taking up space on my computer screen! I might be thousands of miles away from the beautiful Jaclyn Hill, but somehow she makes me feel like I'm right next to her every time I watch one of her YouTube videos. She not only taught me how to do my makeup correctly but she taught me how to feel sexy in my own skin. If you haven't watched this makeup gurus videos (or bought her amazing eyeshadow palette), then you are sorely missing out!

This might seem crazy, but I feel like if we were to meet, we would instantly become best friends! She has a personality that you can't help but to love and a kind heart that can be seen just through the tidbits she shares on social media. Okay, enough of the fan club, you get it! The reason you are here is for some cheap clothes!

Jaclyn might be a makeup pro, but she is definitely not lacking in the styling department. Her style is so simple and to die for- it is my ultimate fantasy wardrobe! She is a fan of layering, grunge, girly, and simple all combined. What is not to love? The reason I chose this outfit is that it genuinely is an easy outfit to put together and you probably already have similar elements in your closet.

Jeans; a girls best friend if chosen correctly. Jaclyn Hill's denim is ultimate #jeansgoals. These distressed jeans not only look comfortable and cozy (which I didn't know jeans could) but they also have grunge chic to them that I adore!

I am absolutely loving this tank top, like mega crushing! However, you don't need this exact one to get the same look. The great thing about this outfit is you really can pair it with any tank that makes you feel sexy and confident. I love a little white bra with a cute white tank, but you could even pair this with a black bra for extra oomph or also change up the colors...the options are endless!

The floppy hat and sunglasses add that sassy confidence that I love about Jaclyn. I've said it a million times but the art of an outfit is truly in how you accessorize it. This entire ensemble is a true definition of that.

Jaclyn's shoe and bag collection is out of this world amazing! Go over and watch her closet tour after this and you'll understand why! I love the punk rock vibe these studded sandals give off; very grunge girly that looks good on everyone.

Last, but of course never least, is my favorite part of any outfit-- the bling! I love a girl who loves to layer. Jewelry always has and will always be my obsession. You can turn almost any outfit into an entirely different style just with what type of jewelry you place. This jewelry gives off a grunge boho vibe that turns this entire outfit into a casual 'Beyonce' look (does that make sense? Is there such a thing as casual Beyonce?)

If you want to see this outfit up close just go to Jaclyn Hill's website to see how she created this amazing ensemble! Then go to her Youtube channel and realize six hours later that you too have an obsession with this amazing women!

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