Broke Girls Guide: Jennifer Lawrence

Spring is finally peeking its head out and my days have been filled with cleaning, lighting floral scented candles, and dusting out my spring attire. I'm a huge fan of these months that create an awake feeling, not only in nature but in my mind. What other way to celebrate the warmer weather then to showcase an elegant and girly spring outfit worn by the lovely Jennifer Lawrence!

Normally this star is seen in a girly yet still tomboy put together look (which we all know I love...let's face it, I just love clothes!). This outfit is so incredibly easy to put together and is a great ensemble for holidays that are approaching, weddings, or for a date night! If you want to find an affordable alternative to this outfit then just keep scrolling!

We all know my love for white runs deep. I feel like there is something so classy about this simple color. Unfortunately I normally wear my food or trip over nothing and ruin the color but, if you don't have that issue, then the love of white can't hurt you!

While I'm a fan of jewelry (and wear more than probably necessary) I do love how clean this ensemble is. It does look like she is wearing simple little earrings but other than that she keeps it to the necessities. Clean cut never looked so admiring!

What I love about clothes is the fact that you can wear the same thing multiple times and yet make each outfit unique. Let your personality shine through! If you want to rock this with sneakers and a jean jacket then go ahead. Fashion has no rules after all.

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