How Crowdfire Can Boost Your Social Media Game

Crowdfire App

Whether you are a blogger, youtuber, or a social media influencer there comes a point when you realize that maintaining a regular stream on all social media accounts becomes hair pulling. I cannot even tell you how many notifications I had on my calendar to remind me when to post to get the most views or to keep all streams flowing regularly. For me personally, I realized pretty quickly that blogging was 10% writing and 90% promoting. A job I wasn’t all too familiar with in the first place.

I’m still in the learning process and probably will be throughout my entire life; and that’s ok! We should always be willing to learn and grow each and every day. This being said, I’ve found an app that helps tremendously in this chaotic life of social media content. Crowdfire, an app that can be easily downloaded onto your smartphone, has been a huge game changer for my scheduling and livelihood.

While there are always comments and moments in life that I still post in real time, this app helps schedule out a few things for me in advance so that if I have a creative block or just need a day off I can do so without being completely vacant online.

You can use this for free or pay for their Plus, Premium, or VIP account where each gives you more features for an extremely low price. Once you download this lifesaving app you can add any and all of your accounts for ease of access between all of them. They also ask you a list of your hobbies and interests so that you get a stream of articles and pictures catered to you and your needs. A feature that is much needed when you have absolutely nothing to post about.

Crowdfire On Facebook

My favorite aspect of this is that you can set up your ‘goal’ of what you want to post daily for each account. For example, I like to post to twitter at least twice daily. They give you a little bar graph that shows how many you have scheduled in a two week period and how many more you would need to fill up two weeks of content. For an organizer like me this is pure magic!  

However this app doesn’t just help you schedule content but also helps in engaging with your followers. You can like pictures from accounts that follow you, see who just started following you, recent unfollowers, and so much more. Crowdfire keeps an eye on your accounts as well so that you get a little notification when you post anything; letting you have a little reminder if you need to share this across multiple accounts.

This app turns into a teacher you never knew you even needed (have I sound like an obsessed school girl yet?) You get daily ‘report cards’ for your accounts that give you a snapshot of information to help better cater to your followers. The reason I pick this app over others is because you truly do get everything all in one. If you love having a million apps to juggle between then good for you! For people who find that difficult (like myself) this is a simple method.

Don’t have the finances to pay for it yet? That’s fine! While there plans are extremely inexpensive they still offer great features just by downloading it and using it for free. If you do decide to invest a few extra dollars for the extra features you can pay by month or by year (which is 50% the price of monthly, just saying).

Our lives can get chaotic and sometimes calendars and our brain just can’t keep up. Let someone else remember all the little details for you so that you can get back to what matters; creating content that you love! Download Crowdfire and see for yourself, you’ll either love it or think I’m crazy, but I’m betting the love will beat the crazy!


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