How I Kicked My Smoking Habit (And You Can Too!)

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On my 18th birthday, I made a dumb decision to purchase my first pack of cigarettes. It wasn’t even for the urge to smoke so much as the knowledge of knowing that I COULD buy them. That didn’t stop my body from becoming addicted after that first pack. By the time I started my first full-time job after high school I was hooked! A lot of people might lie about how much they smoke but here is the honest truth; I was smoking anywhere from half a pack to a full pack a day.

The addiction grew during my time in the restaurant business. Anyone in the restaurant industry will tell you; if you don’t smoke you don’t get a break. Sounds completely illegal and horrible but that is just how it works. So my smoking stemmed from the urge to have a break from the chaotic shifts. My boyfriend hated the addiction so I would buy special sprays, mouthwash, and lotions to cover my tracks before I came home.

He thought I had kicked the habit. I didn’t.

The reality was I had no urge to kick the habit. I know my boyfriend wanted me too, but that wasn’t strong enough to keep me away from the nicotine. That is the biggest thing I can tell anyone reading this who smokes. If YOU don’t want to quit, then you never will. The urge can’t come from loved ones; it has to come from you and you alone. It’s 2018, we know the bad that comes with the addiction, and we know the prices keep rising. That still doesn’t stop people because they need to want to.

If you are in the stage of your life where you want to, then I’m so proud of you! That in itself is a huge step that took me forever to make. If it hadn’t been for my health I probably still would be smoking like a mad woman. Now that I have quit I can honestly say I’m happier, healthier, and just feel better all around! You’d be amazed at the change you can see only after a couple of weeks.

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Get rid of your ‘last pack.’
I didn’t want to waste money and kept thinking, “after this pack, I’ll quit.” It won’t happen. Take the pack you have and throw them in the dumpster, pour water on them, get them out! Forcing you to do this almost warps your mind into thinking this is the real deal. You’ll feel successful just with this step, and it will make you think back to the memory every time you get an urge.

Switch it up
A lot of people gain weight when they quit or get a caffeine addiction. This is because in a small spectrum we are addicts. We need something that is hand to mouth to keep us from buying a pack. I personally started vaping and, while it is new and we don’t 100% know it is better, I can safely tell you it IS better than smoking. If you are quitting smoking because of the financial aspect then vaping is not the way to go. You do save some money depending on how much you used to smoke though!

I use a baby beast which I strongly recommend to anyone starting off. It is more advanced (and pricier) then others out there but it’ll give you a better throat hit like a cigarette and really does keep the urge to smoke at bay. Definitely go to a vape shop if you are thinking about this; they have all the answers for your questions and are great at getting you the right juice needed to kick the habit. You might have to start with higher nicotine levels (depending on your addiction) and slowly go down to nothing.

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Change up your routine
Anyone who smokes has a 'habit smoking' time period. My hardest ones to break were after eating while drinking my morning coffee and during any driving time. Again, vaping has been a great alternative to these hard times, but I also chew gum or have healthy snacks during these craving periods. Change up the habit with something healthier (trust me, healthy can be addicting too). 

Don’t kick yourself
We slip off the wagon, it happens. I had a horribly stressful week about a month ago that caused me to buy a pack of cigarettes. At first, I hated myself for picking them back up, but I realized hating myself was creating my urge to get rid of them that much harder. It’s OK if you mess up and have a cigarette. Enjoy the moment and then remember why you quit in the first place! This is a marathon after all, not a sprint.

Nowadays I use my vape with 0 nicotine and lungs filled with healthy air. I love getting fruity juices to smoke on; they usually get me in the mood for actual fruit (a nice little bonus). My food tastes better, my breathing sounds better, and I don’t smell like an ashtray. If you are struggling with quitting just remember that you have your friends, family, and entire online community who you can reach out to! Living to old age is so much cooler than a few seconds of that nicotine high.


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