How To Grow And Maintain Healthy Hair

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I once was a beautician’s nightmare. You name a color; I’ve bought a cheap box of dye at the drugstore and slapped it on my head. The amount of times I’ve bought cheap bleach and turned my hair orange, well, I’m amazed I have any hair left to even give advice. Somehow throughout the years I grew more responsible with care and upkeep of everything on my body which led to my hair finally growing into healthy locks that I have today.

It has been a process though, let me tell you! Healthy hair does not just happen overnight. It takes time, patience, and above all self-love (that thing I preach about near constantly). This includes things like:

-Eating Healthy
-Drinking plenty of water
-Getting the right amount of sleep
-Taking the right supplements for you
-Regularly getting a trim (and using professional colors!)

This being said, I have found a few tricks that speed up the process of health that will hopefully help you out in return.

Get Proper Cleaning Products
You are not going to get anywhere if your base is off to a bad start. Everything I learned was from pestering the nice people who cut my hair and I’m here to share them with you. Invest in the good stuff! It might be pricier but I promise you it really does make a difference. The problem with drugstore shampoo and conditioner is that it leaves a nasty wax on your hair; this wax might make it ‘look’ good but it is not actually cleaning your scalp or your precious locks.

I’ll have below all products I use but I normally go with Biolage products. They are on the cheaper side, usually always have some type of discount, smell freaking amazing, and leave your hair soft AND 100% clean. This means nothing is building up on my head, everything is staying moisturized, and my follicles have the air they need to grow.

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Deep Conditioning
I have extremely thick and curly hair on top of an extremely dry scalp. This means that my body doesn’t produce as much of the healthy oils that others do, leaving my hair (and head) dry and uncomfortable. Depending on your hair type will depend on how often you deep condition. I like to buy single use deep conditioning treatments (kind of like sheet masks for your head) and use those about 2 times a week. If I’m having a really bad week (typically in the colder months) I might even go as crazy as 3 times!

Deep conditioning is great for your hair; if you lotion your body and buy fancy serums for your face don’t you think your hair deserves the same love? Usually these treatments give your follicles and ends an extra punch of protein to help any damage that might have happened and prevent any more from happening.

Heat Protectant
I used to straighten my hair every single day in high school (going for the Rachel look) and I didn’t put anything on my hair but that burning iron. Heat what? I even bought one of those cheap ‘wet to straight’ wands so that I could pop out of the shower and go right in to the frying process. Nowadays I’ve wised up, bought better equipment, and learned to love my hair.

This being said, I still like to refine my curls or have a day where I do go straight. No matter if you are just blow-drying or styling, you should always add a protectant to your hair. Think of not applying SPF on the hottest day of the summer and then sitting outside for 6 hours straight. Did that hurt your heart? Mine too. You need to add a barrier between all that heat and your fragile strands.
No one likes looking down at their shirt to see millions of half-piece hairs that broke off in the straightening process.

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Protect the Head
After learning of all the horrible things I was doing to my hair I decided to go out and by healthy hair choices. This means I switched out a brush that words for my hair (you can ask any beautician and they will give you the right option for you) and I got the right accessories. Put your hair up constantly? Get spiral ponytails. They don’t cause breakage like some of the others, don’t give you that ‘line’ (you know what I mean), and don’t tangle.

Also, switch out your pillow cases for silk! Other materials cause snags when you move which slowly damages the strands. After all, they might be strong little guys but they are still tiny and fragile.

Overall just make sure to take the time and care for your scalp (as well as the rest of you!). I feel the sexiest when my hair looks healthy and I’m wearing that perfect outfit. Style your hair the way that makes you feels sexy and remember to buy products to keep that hair happy and healthy. I have below all I use on my head. Let me know what you use to keep your strands sexy and silky!


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