How Travelling Can Help Get You Out of Your Comfort Zone

Photo by John Matychuk on Unsplash

I like my bubble that I live in; it’s safe, warm, and keeps me alive (which is a huge bonus). I don’t normally try new things and my version of adventurous is when I try a new restaurant. I’ve realized that, while this is comfortable, it’s also barely living. With this in mind I’ve braved that big world and went on a few fun road trips with loved ones. While it might be scary, I have absolutely no regrets!

Travelling is amazing in so many ways but one of the main reasons is that it forces us out of our comfort zones. When you are in new lands you can’t hide behind closed doors and go to your regular dining spots or see friends. It forces you to venture out and try new things; which in turn makes you excited to try new things (round and round we go).

When travelling I urge you to take an Uber, ask questions about places to go or talk with the barista about where locals hangout. Then go and do them! Not only does this get you out and about but it helps you meet new people and here their stories. Some of my greatest stories are sitting in a strangers car (Uber, not a hostage situation, I promise) and hearing them talk about their life story. It is neat to hear how others live and the culture in different areas.

When you are alone in a new and unfamiliar city it forces you to get out of that bubble. There is no such thing as being shy when you are in downtown New Orleans exploring the culture and places around you! Travelling helps you:

-explore unfamiliar territory
-meet new people
-grow unforgettable memories
-see beautiful new views
-try new things
-and most of all; have a good time!

Our bubbles are great places to put our hat; but that doesn’t mean you should stay in them indefinitely. Besides, you might learn something new about yourself or find a new place you want to call home. Even if it’s only half way across the state…go explore!


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