Keeping The Passion Alive In Your Relationship

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Passion is not something that just comes naturally 365 days a year. This term is something we all crave in a relationship but don’t always receive. It happens! Life becomes busy, days grow shorter, and next thing you know you have scheduled sexy time and pass out for the next day of chaos. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of if this describes your relationship; we all get into ruts and sometimes schedules, and the same old’ same old’ is needed.

While I’m definitely a girl who likes routine; no one craves routine all the time. Don’t let the passion die entirely in your relationship. Take extra steps and measures to keep it alive (but don’t give up on someone if you are going through a dry patch). Remember; even fireworks need fire to help them ignite!

Get Out Of Your Rut
If you notice that both of you use your days off to watch TV and catch up on daily house chores then force the monotony to stop! Catch up days are a necessity in life, but spontaneity is needed just as much. Surprise your partner with a homemade dinner and dress up for the occasion or go out and do something you haven’t done in a while. Doing something exciting or changing things up always get people a little more exhilarated which can lead to that fiery passion you’ve needed.

Talk About It
Sounds not fun at all, I know, but this really does work. We let our lives overcome everything that we honestly just forget about our partner and specific needs in a relationship. If you are feeling less desired or less stimulated in your relationship, then tell them! More often than not they don’t even realize you are feeling that way or they’ve been feeling the same exact way.

The worst thing is they tell you-you're ridiculous or something far crueler…but in those circumstances, you might have more wrong then just lack of passion, unfortunately.

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Try New Things
…in and out of the bedroom. Trying new things is scary, sexy, and exciting all at the same time. Don’t let your sex life or your love life turn into the same exact thing day after day. We are not robots. Start a new hobby together! Or surprise your partner with a new move you read about. No one got anywhere staying in a comfort zone.

Flirt, Like A Lot
Flirting should never die in a relationship, and yet we let it fade away over the years. Send a sexy text in the middle of a work shift or leave a cute little sticky note on the mirror for them to wake up to. Compliment each other every single day! Laugh at a joke that might not be that hilarious. Being comfortable with your partner is one of the greatest feelings, but that doesn’t mean certain things should go unnoticed. Flirting like a new couple while still having that comfortable trust makes a relationship soar, promise!

Above all, make sure there is true love from both partners. Without pure love and trust, there will never be a real passion. Passion isn’t just a word used in the movies; it does exist in real life. We just need to work for it more than they do in those movies. Also, passion doesn’t have to look like a Fifty Shades movie; passion’s definition is “strong and barely controllable emotion”. Love for each other is passion, sex that is enjoyable for both partners, and admiring each other’s strengths and accomplishments is a form of passion (you get the picture).


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