My Top 5 Makeup Bag Must Haves

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I qualify as both a makeup and non-makeup lover. What I mean by this is I can sit in my bed for hours watching makeup gurus and playing with makeup or I can go days without having a drop of color touch my face. My love for makeup is fierce! But my laziness in life is sometimes fiercer. With this being said there are days where I have to throw on a little something so that I don’t scare bystanders while I run around town.

Everybody has their cherished routine that they can probably do in ten minutes or less. This, my friends, is my quick ‘no makeup’ look that I’ve perfected over the years and has stood the test of time. If I were only allowed five makeup products for the rest of my life then these would hands down be the winners of my heart.

To me mascara isn’t just makeup, it’s a necessity. Somehow I can throw this on and only this and feel confident. Finding that perfect mascara is like walking around naked in heels; it gives you that sexy confidence to rule the world! These are by far my top 3 favorite mascaras of all time!

Luckily I was blessed with skin that doesn’t break out. While I keep my skin heavily hydrated and treat it as a temple (because it is!) I still have faults that need covered. Concealer isn’t always an everyday for me but I use it regularly to cover up the dark circles under my eyes or to conceal that little pimple that is showing its ugly head. Since I use concealer more often than foundation I make sure to get the good stuff! To me this means it 1. Completely conceals without creasing and 2. Hydrates without caking or fading. These 3 concealers have definitely passed the test!

Might not be a staple for everyone but to me this is a Holy Grail product. If I’m running out the door I usually bronze my entire face to give it a little dimension and color. I love when I’m putting on makeup and can just see more life enter my face as I put this heavenly powder to use. The great thing about this product? You can add it to your eyes for a little eye shadow as well on those busy days.

Brow Gel
My brows are, for the most part, pretty full and relatively shaped in a way that makes me feel comfortable. They are very chaotic though without a little gel to show them where to go. Even on days where I put nothing on my face I will still sleek these puppies back with some gel. I prefer a clear gel opposed to a tint just because you don’t have to worry about matching shades and if you go a little heavy handed no one will really notice!

Lip Balm
At first I was going to put a lip gloss but decided to change that up. I love lip products! If you look in my drawers you will see that the obsession is real (and expensive). To be true to my 5 essentials though, I don’t normally wear a lip color on days that are quick and easy. I usually lean towards a lip balm to help hydrate and soften my lips while giving a clear sheen. While Paw Paw has been my #1 for way too long I recently started using Aquaphor; don’t sleep on this product! It truly is magical!

Let me know in the comments what your 5 top makeup products would be! While I think everyone looks beautiful and stunning without anything I cannot deny how much fun playing with colors and dimensions on the face can be! Makeup is definitely here to stay in this girls life!


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