Why Camping Helps Lift Your Mood

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Anyone who knows me knows I’m never the outdoor ‘becomes one with wilderness’ type of person. I like toilets, showers, nighttime skincare, and going to bed with a good book or Netflix series. My boyfriend, on the other hand, is an avid outdoor adventurist who cannot wait for the warmer weather to go camping every other weekend. We are the definition of opposites attract.

Since he loves it (and I love him) I have not so willingly gone on trips with him that require a tent, food to be cooked over a fire, and a ton of insect repellent. While I might refuse to go to any campground that requires me to dig a hole to do my business I have started to get the appeal of being outside (and sleeping outside!). You are going to leave a little grungy and in need of a nice hot shower that doesn’t require tokens but you might actually like it more than you think.

For me, camping isn’t so much about being adventurous but more so being with close ones and giving my technology a little break. Once you go somewhere that even satellites can’t reach, a weird calm comes over you (although not at first). My first time camping I had miserable anxiety not being able to call anyone or check on my social media. The second time around, however, I knew it was going to happen and I embraced the silence.

Embrace the silence.

We usually take trips in the mountains where rock climbing is big (he loves it). Without a phone in my hand I have more time to see the beautiful nature all around me. I notice myself smiling a little more (maybe because all the foliage around me is getting me high?) and laughing a lot more than normal. I can feel myself dissolving into the world around me. What I mean by that is that I’m living more in the moment. Without mirrors, restaurants, or normal grooming patterns, that superficial and insecure part of me just kind of takes a break.

I really encourage everyone to do it at least once (if you physically can, of course). Leave the phone in the car (but maybe bring a GPS) and just pay attention to your surroundings. Forget what you look like and just have fun! You’d be amazed at how much fun you will really have and how that small amount of time can heal our overworked bodies.

Don’t worry, your busy life will still be there when you get back.


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