Broke Girls Guide: Zendaya

Not only does the girl have an amazing set of vocals on her but she also stars in the hands down best movie of all time...The Greatest Showman! Yes, I am talking about the multi talented and stunning women that is Zendaya. She has a personality on screen and in her music that lets the viewer (or listener) feel like they are connecting without actually meeting face to face. That is a great quality for anyone to possess and she does so flawlessly!

Her street style definitely mimics the personality we see on the big screen and in interviews. The best way for me to describe it would be a sporty chic look. She puts together such casual 'sport type' clothes but always adds a little feminine touch to it. Not only does she make her outfits look so put together but they also have the 'I woke up like this' feel that challenges anyone who wants to judge her outfit choices. For this outfit I fell in love almost instantly! Not only is it so easy to put together (and comfortable to wear all day) but it also looks very Audrey Hepburn in certain aspects.

Obviously, overalls are the main component of this entire outfit. I used to wear these bad boys near constantly in elementary days. Then they went so out of style it was almost embarrassing to admit that you owned a pair. Now they are back and (dare I say it) are probably going to stay for a long time to come. You can match these with literally any shirt and make it an outfit. Gotta love the simplicity in that!

This shirt is football jersey, sport girly goals...that didn't make sense did it? Not only does this have the comfy factor with the over-sized simple material but it adds a little sexiness by being a tad cropped. Since this version cost more than my rent then you can go for one of these cheaper versions and still get away with the ambiance set. Pair it will a simple white tank (cropped or regular) and you could leave the house as is.

The Audrey Hepburn effect I get from this outfit is from the elegance of the hair and makeup. The dark lip and perfect messy bun give this such a put together look that I cannot get over. She also pairs the entire thing with a cute necklace and bracelet to give the feminine flare. While you cannot see her shoes you can always match the vibe with sneakers or even booties if you dare! The outfit gives you the freedom to match whatever mood you are feeling.

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