Can A Morning Routine Be Healthy For You?

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Tell me if this makes any sense; I’m a night person but I’m more productive when I wake up early in the morning. Didn’t make sense to you? Neither did it to me. I’ve always been a nighttime person, mostly because I was raised with a mother who worked nights for most of my adolescent life. Now that I have a boyfriend who works night shift, well, things haven’t changed much.

I recently talked about my nighttime skincare routine and mentioned that I don’t really have a morning one. Now that I have forced myself to wake up in the morning as opposed to the afternoon I have realized, with a little push, that I am not only more productive but I kind of LOVE having a morning routine to follow.

The reason why a morning routine is healthy for you is because starting your day off in a mindful and stress free mode sets your entire day on the right path. Instead of hitting the snooze bar over and over until you run out of the door hastily try setting your alarm at least 30 minutes early the first day. Then slowly move towards an hour, hour and a half. Then wake up and do things that make you happy and bring you peace.

For me, I love waking up first thing in the morning and making a hot tea while sitting outside for a brief moment. It helps wake me up and puts me in a calming mood the rest of the morning. While my routine is adjusting to my needs and wants, it HAS improved my entire well-being all around.

All this being said though, you shouldn’t force yourself up if you don’t want to. What I mean is that there are people out in the world who are not morning people and that’s OK.  The point is to wake up and move intentionally. Enjoy a nice shower, do some stretches, listen to your favorite music/podcast while getting ready. Try not to rush; when we rush through a routine it makes us feel rushed all day.

Want to become a morning person? You can! I have and I used to detest A.M. times. To start you need to take a few of your off days and sleep without an alarm; let your body wake up on its own. Take the average amount of sleep you usually need and just figure out when to go to bed that lets you wake up in the morning. It takes time but I have found that enough practice and, well, forcing yourself to do it makes you eventually WANT to do it.

Plus I have found that following certain routines has helped me
-sleep better at night
-keep stress and anxiety at bay
-be more productive during my work hours
-handle stressful situations more calmly
-overall I have a happier demeanor in my day

Don’t just take my word for it; try it out yourself! Like I always preach in almost every article Self Love= Self Care and vice versa. When we take time for ourselves and give fun routines throughout the day we are much more likely to live a happier and more fulfilled 24 hours.


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