Eyeshadow Palettes Worth Their Price Tag

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Sifting through the thousands of options of makeup out in the world is sometimes fun but also a real pain in the neck. Especially when you are buying makeup on a budget and take it home only to realize it is a huge flop! No one wants to be disappointed when spending good money on products we are putting on our face every day.

When it comes to eyeshadow palettes, in particular, I am a sucker! The number of palettes I've purchased over the years could probably buy me a house (a guilty confession I'm not proud of). The addiction HAS helped me weed out the good from the 'toss in the trash right away.' Below I have come up with makeup palettes that were definitely worth their price tag. Ranging from cheap to a little bit more higher end, some of these might not be that evolutionary but you are getting exactly what you are paying for (something anyone can appreciate).

All of these products give excellent color payout, multiple arrays of colors, and won't break the bank. If you could only buy one of these, then I would choose the Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette. I've said it before, but this palette genuinely is a fantastic staple in anyone's collection. It offers a great variety of colors and has amazing pigmentation. So go ahead, try out a new piece of makeup or (if you are like me) just go ahead and add all of them to your cart! There is no such thing as too much makeup...right?



  1. Love it! This was helful :)
    Check out my blog too - http://bernadeta200.blogspot.lt/2018/04/eco-friendly-toothbrush.html

    1. Thank you! I'm glad it was helpful :)

      Your blog is lovely by the way!!


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