Getting Your Nails Strong, Long, and Healthy

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Hello, I am a recovering nail biter. Nice to meet you! If you have a problem with nail biting or just have weak and brittle nails you are not alone. I might not be able to help you with the nail biting situation (because I myself partake in that from time to time) but I can share a few things that have helped strengthen as well as lengthen them!

Consume a proper intake of calcium
Our diets are usually the main culprit if something is going wrong. Make sure you are listening to your body and giving it what it really needs. If your nails are just not growing or are weak then that could be an indicator that you are not consuming enough calcium. Calcium can be found in:
-Milk, obviously (alternatives can be almond, coconut, cashew milk, etc.)
-Sardines (which I happily choose to ignore)
**helpful hint: you can also take biotin and omega 3 to help in growth!

Protecting your cuticles
Your cuticles do actually have a reason for being there (as most parts on our body do). These help seal in hydration as well as keeping infectious bacteria from entering your body. Try not to cut or manipulate your cuticles. I know when you get your nails done that is the first thing they do but this can open yourself up for harmful bacteria entering your nails. This is where your nail starts to grow, after all, so you don’t want to start off on the wrong foot (or finger, see what I did there?).
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash
File the right way
You trim your hair to grow longer, so why wouldn’t you file your nails to grow longer? We use our hands almost constantly so make sure you keep your nails at a length that works for you. The longer our nails get the more likely they will crack or even become weak with various activities. Give yourself a spa day once a week or every other week to file them to a nice shape to keep them sturdy and healthy.

We take good care of our faces but don’t realize our nails need the same. To keep them strong (which in turn helps them grow longer) we need to keep our nails and cuticles nice and hydrated. With all the soap and washing we do in the day our hands can become dry which hurts our outer shell. Before bed, make sure to add a thick cream to hands so that while you sleep your skin (and nails) has time to recover from the day.

Cut down the gel and fake nails
All those fake manicures and gels have harmful chemicals that strip down your nails. While you might think you can wear them until your nails grow, unfortunately, the sad truth is after you take them off your nails will probably rip and tear shortly after. I’m not saying completely get rid of these simple pleasures but maybe take a break in between appointments.


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