How To Keep Your Skin Protected This Summer

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Spring is upon us and I cannot be more excited! My love for in between seasons runs deep in my soul (however summer and winter I can usually only take for a couple weeks). With the nice weather that eventually turns to extremely hot we also face less fabric on clothes and more sun exposure. While I love having a sun kissed glow just like everybody else I don’t want the potential lobster skin or, you know, skin cancer.

Tanning was huge back in the day (as in baby oil and tanning beds) but it’s starting to become popular to protect ourselves. Being tan might be nice now but looking like a leather wallet later probably will be a little less attractive. If you are a sensitive skin girl like myself or just want to keep that skin healthy all summer long then follow these tips for happy skin!

SPF is your best friend
This is an obvious but we sometimes forget it. Just because you are not lying out on the beach does not mean you don’t need this. Have you ever been driving for a long period of time and gotten a burn on one arm or half your face(no, just me?). When it comes to summer months I don’t even bother with lotions. Switch to a nice SPF to keep that UV at bay. Tip: keep several different bottles on hand. I have a spray that works well with reapplying as well as sport activities, a lotion form for day to day errands, and a strong cream for those beach days!

Another tip: reapply! Just because you put it on once does not mean you are good for 24 hours. Make sure to apply it 20-30 minutes before sun exposure and, depending on the level of SPF, reapply every 30 minutes to an hour.

Don’t forget the H20
Plants dry out in the sun and so does our skin. When it’s hot we sweat more making us more dehydrated. Believe it or not the more dehydrated we are the more likely we are to get burned (pun intended). Make sure to stay nice and hydrated for your inner and outer health.
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Purchase a few hats
Our face is the most prone to sun exposure because, well, it’s always out! Investing in a few hats will help shade your face from those pesky UV rays. None of us like peeling noses or sunburned lips (right?). When wearing makeup I usually purchase a bb cream during the summer that has some SPF as well (double the protection).

Fun Fact: your scalp does burn (believe me!). This is one part of our body we really do forget about because it’s typically covered with hair. Hats help keep the burn away so you can enjoy the outdoors for longer (and it can trap some of that sweat too!)

Shower and aloe can do wonders
With all the protection out there we still have instances where we get a little too sun kissed. If this happens, don’t fret! After a long day outdoors I can usually tell that my skin is irritated. You will feel more fatigued than usual, dehydrated, and might even itch a little or feel cold. After the long day make sure to take a warm (but not hot) shower and exfoliate your skin. Then encase your body with lotion and aloe vera.

While a shower usually makes the burn show up sooner, the combination of the two is almost guaranteed to have you waking up feeling 100% yourself. If not (and you sadly look like a lobster) then the best thing to do is apply aloe like your life depended on it and drink PLENTY of water.

I hope you all have a fantastic summer filled with laughs and beautiful memories! Let me know in the comments below what your plans are for these upcoming months!



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