The Importance Of The Side Hustle and What It Means

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A while ago (about 8 months ago to be exact) I sat at my desk at work and simply watched the time tick by waiting for my day to be over and dreading the next day of work all at the same time. While it was a fabulous job; it was not MY fabulous job. The second I got off work Friday I was already aching from the knowledge of having to go back in Monday. I didn’t talk that much with coworkers or friends and when people would ask how work went I would simply shrug my shoulders “same ol’ same ol’”.

The fact was, I had been acting that way for years and had just become comfortable with the monotony that each job brought. A steady paycheck seemed to outweigh my happiness. None of this is an insult to the professions I have worked by any means! I would be right next to a coworker who had so much passion for what they were doing because they were in the career they wanted. I realized a change was needed in my life and the outcome has been absolutely amazing.

The side hustle. A term we have probably heard before but have never really thought of besides ‘millennial terminology’. I believe that we have to follow our bliss to have the most fulfilled life we possibly can. If you are in a job that does not bring you joy then a change is needed. That being said, we can’t all just quit our job and follow our dreams (we could, but we would end up homeless pretty fast).

This is where the side hustle comes into play. Once I realized what I wanted to do with my life, writing, I quit my full time job for a part time job that paid the bills but gave me the free time I needed. My part time job became my side hustle that allowed (and still allows) me to do what I wanted to do while I was still in the beginning stages.

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In some instances though your passion starts off as your side hustle (and that works too!). If you can’t afford to have a part time job than keep working your hours but make sure to schedule time in to work on the career of your dreams. If that means taking classes online, going to school at night, or just turning your spare bedroom into your office and WORKING on what you love then do it.

To me a side hustle means being able to support yourself financially while juggling hobbies and careers that bring happiness to your world. It is a form of multi-tasking that, while can be difficult at times, is extremely rewarding. Once your dream career starts taking up most of your time then switch to a part time job to focus on the main priority in your life. After all, a side hustle isn’t a permanent state of mind but more of a way to make extra cash while you pursue whatever brings you joy each day.

So go ahead, work your @ss off and fight for your happiness. You might even be surprised to find that the fight can be just as much fun as the reward.


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