Broke Girls Guide: Rihanna

The Met Gala was just a few days ago and, I don't know about you, but each year I'm dying to see what everyone wears to the event. I love the creativity and art that goes into each piece! It truly is something to behold. This year, like every year, Rihanna stunned crowds with her piece. No, before you go there, I have no intention on trying to find something like THAT for cheap (not happening). However, I AM saying this to just prove that Rihanna is someone to look at when it comes to style.

I have been a fan of hers since the very beginning and love absolutely everything about her. Not only does she have magical vocals but she also has flawless skin, a personality that seeps out of the computer screen, and a style that is so unique and lust-worthy! I picked this outfit because I felt like this kind of (but not really) sums up her style. She mixes high end with simple and piles on the accessories to each outfit. The woman could literally match anything and it would look flawless!

Those pants I need say more? These pants would look good on any shape and size and can jazz up almost any outfit real quick!

It is a simple tank that doesn't look simple in this ensemble. I love neutral tanks and shirts; I think they should be a staple in any wardrobe. They can easily be paired with multiple outfits and can always be played down or played up.

The girl has style when it comes to purses and shoes (and everything else for that matter). While these might not be the same, you can grab a similar set up with these colors and shapes for a lot cheaper.

Rihanna knows how to accessorize; fact. We all know my love for jewelry runs deep! Stack on these rings, add a couple necklaces, put on a fancy little watch. They give this a classy boho vibe that I'm just dying over. I can't tell if I'm looking at this photo because I just love this entire ensemble that much or because I'm still perplexed at how someone could look so flawless!

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