Broke Girls Guide: Vanessa Hudgens

I would never lie to you; I was (and probably still am) a big fan of High School Musical when it first came out. While I wasn't a huge fan of the sequels I did find the first one catchy, cute, and (for the most part) intriguing. This movie also made me a huge fan of the beautiful Vanessa Hudgens. In real life she seems so down to earth and sweet, qualities anyone could love (and is usually seen through her characters as well). Her personality is also deeply portrayed through her street style.

Boho princess meets boho rocker meets rocker princess. This is how I would describe her sense of style. She pairs beautiful pieces with oversized staples and a lot of accessories that add up to envy in an outfit.

The dress is an easy piece to find almost anywhere and can be worn multiple times without anyone noticing. You could wear this alone, dress it up or wear it casual like Vanessa has it styled. You could also get a little personal with your style and pick a dress with a neat cutout or even find a piece with unique texture (the skies the limit).

As for the cardigan I quite literally picked this outfit because of this one piece. Look at my wardrobe and you will find I am the queen of cardigans! Not only can they keep you warm (practical) but they can add a certain something to any piece. It instantly perks up the simplest of outfits and, if you are like any other normal human, it can make you feel a little more confident on those blah days.

Those shoes are being envied by every rocker in the world. A good pair of worn in booties can be better than a cup of coffee (which is saying a lot since I worship coffee). While you can spend extra for that worn in look the cheaper way is finding a cute version you love and wearing them out yourself!

This is one of her more simple outfits when it comes to accessorizing. Vanessa is usually seen with layers of bracelets and necklaces but with this she kept it simple with the one pendant necklace and oversized shades. Again, this is where you can make this your own look by adding or deleting anything you like!

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