How To Feel Sexy In Your Own Skin

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There is no magical serum or word that I can say to make you feel sexy and confident in your own body. That is something that has to come from within, which is a lot easier to say than actually do. That being said, there are ways to feel sexy and beautiful in your own skin that you can start right now. It just takes a little bit of practice, open mindedness, and loving yourself.

Stop listening to others
Again, easier said than done. A huge reason people develop self-esteem issues is because of society telling us what beautiful is. The problem with that is there is no true definition of beauty. If there was then we would only have one form of art, one type of music, or one form of mind. Those models on magazine covers don’t even look like that. Yes, they are fit and have flawless skin, but most of that is a team of people and Photoshop. They also have money to spend on expensive serums and trainers (something a lot of us don’t have).

When you learn to stop listening to everyone else’s forms of beauty and the thoughts they have you start to listen to yourself (the only person that counts in this scenario).

Wear what makes you happy
This goes hand in hand with society as well. Stop listening to what is trendy and start listening to what you like. Fashion has no rules. Pick outfits that make you feel sexy and confident in your skin and it will show. Confidence is the biggest sign of sexiness and you can’t feel that way if you are uncomfortable with what you are wearing.
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Confidence, confidence, confidence
When I first started dating my current boyfriend I had horrible self-esteem issues. Because of this we had several breaks and, while I thought he was being a jerk, it was really the vibes I was putting off. When you don’t feel good in your own skin it shows in a bad way. You can come off as needy and, dare I say it, a tad pathetic.

By no means am I saying you are pathetic if you don’t find yourself stunning. This doesn’t happen overnight but it can grow with hard work and healthy mantras. Start saying nice things about yourself in the mirror. We are our biggest critics after all. Seeing all that is wrong will only tear you down. Change up the conversation and eventually that confidence will glow through to show that sexy you!

Change what you don’t like
While I am here to tell you to love yourself just the way you are there are limits sometimes. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad if you do want to change things. For me, I love wearing makeup to make myself feel better. I don’t put it on for other people but more for me to feel beautiful when I walk out of the house (and that is OK).

You should love yourself, but if a slight change will make you feel beautiful than do it! You don’t need to explain it to anyone else but yourself.

Act the part
What I mean by this is don’t let your mood change your view. Sometimes I wake up in a foul mood and only see wrong in myself. Instead of slouching around the house in sweats and feeling even grosser I put on some nice clothes, dab on a little makeup, and force myself to fake it. Eventually I stop faking it and start feeling better. Feeding that self-doubt only gives it power. Take control of that doubt and squish it before it becomes worse.

Remember; while you might not be Megan Fox, Megan Fox will never be you (and that is something to celebrate). YOU are beautiful!


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