How To Travel When You Are On A Budget

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Travelling can be hellishly expensive when you have 5.5 million things you could be (and should be) saving your money for. It doesn’t matter if you drive or fly, all those little things slowly add up to a massive bill you might not be able to pay. If you are avoiding that fun vacation just because of finances, then you might find a few of these tips and tricks helpful so that you don’t have to miss out on the adventure! After all, vacations might mean $$, but they also mean memories that are (excuse my cheesiness) something you cannot put a price tag on.

Book everything ahead of time
This includes flights, hotels, and even certain attractions. If you know where you want to go then planning in advance can save you a few extra dollars. A lot of places hike up their prices close to the actual date making it sometimes harder to manage. Getting everything booked ahead of time not only takes the hassle of doing it last minute away but will leave that money in your pocket for other fun things! Remember though; some things (such as hotels) do charge fees if you back out if for some reason you need to cancel last minute.

Skip the pricey attraction
A lot of cities have the typical tourist attractions that have long wait for lines and expensive tickets. While some of those are worth the money a lot of them are just scamming unknowing bystanders. Almost everywhere you go there are beautiful places (usually Nature-worthy stunners) that either is free or half the price of other attractions. Go for those, and you will be sure to not only see fabulous things and have a great time but also save your bank account.

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Bring your own snacks
Going out to new restaurants is kind of a tradition for most people on vacation. While this is great you don’t have to go out 3 times a day; that gets way too expensive. Pick one meal a day to go to a nice restaurant and pick your other meals at a local grocery store. This keeps you fed and puts the money into other things (like a pricier attraction or a nice hotel room).

Skip the souvenir’s
Most people don’t expect these (and usually stores rip you off anyways). You can get a couple of things but don’t go all out with gifts. Photos and stories are usually just as fun for friends and family as that $10 shot glass. If you do want to get a couple presents, you can go for cute little postcards or colorful magnets; they are cheaper than those tourist shirts and can usually be included with a fun story you have of the place.

Go during the off-season
Sometimes you can’t make this work (and sometimes you don’t want to) but going during the off season is usually the best way to pinch pennies. Bigger cities have the ‘prime times’ when people come so prices almost everywhere become incredibly hiked, hotels are harder to reserve, and flight prices are astronomical. Going when others don’t keeps prices at a normal rate and also keeps the lines a lot smaller.

Research beforehand
I love spontaneity in trips, but a little bit of research can go a long way. You can at least research different places to stay, all the attractions that are offered, and where locals usually hangout (always better than the tourist stops, trust me). Plus it gives you a better idea of the need to rent a car or Uber and gives you a good estimate on how much you would need to save up for the trip!


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