5 Must See Places In Memphis, Tennessee

Photo by PJ Szabo on Unsplash

It was the best of times; it was the best of times. I only spent a day and a half in this fantastic city, but that is all that was needed to fall in love with it. The people were as sweet as could be, the cops and citizens were laughing together (a sight hard to find these days), and the drinks and food were out of this world. We made this not so little city a pit stop on our way home from vacation only to realize we should have made this our actual vacation.

If you find yourself in or around Memphis than I beg of you to visit for your own sanity! It has so much to see and do and, when I say the people are friendly, the people are genuinely nice (another thing sometimes hard to find). Here are a few places to visit if you are in a rush or if you are just starting off and don’t know where to begin.

Do I have to explain this? Seeing the place Elvis lived at for most of his life is honestly a unique, beautiful story unto its own. Even if you are not a fan of him (which might be absurd), it still is a fantastic piece of history worth seeing. Not to mention it is fun to see how the other half lives (even if you are that other half).

Graceland is a town on its own, with a tour of the house, his airplane, and a village of gift shops that will force your money to be spent (plus you get to see just part of his vehicle collection).

Beale Street Historic District
You can spend all night here (but make sure to have cab money ready). The food on this block is terrific but it isn’t the only thing that will have you gasping in awe. There is music almost everywhere, and the drinks (which can be drunk up and down the street) will keep you there for hours. Be warned though, the street artists and the bartenders will get you spending more money than you thought was possible!

Photo by PJ Szabo on Unsplash

Memphis Botanic Garden
These are almost everywhere in the country, but I still find this so serene and beautiful. Give yourself a nice walk and destress while on vacation in this green piece of heaven. Have a peaceful stroll and then maybe go over to Beale Street for that drink (or two, or three).

Victorian Village
I have a thing for architecture (and huge houses; huge OLD houses). This isn’t so much of a place to go but an area of the city that has the history preserved for onlookers to behold. A lot of these 19th-century mansions have been turned into museums so you can ogle not only from the outside but from the inside as well.

The Memphis Pyramid
Don’t let Bass Pro Shop on the side of the building fool you; this is indeed a sight to witness. You can see this modern looking pyramid from almost any place in the city, and the inside is more impressive than you could honestly believe. Not only is there the biggest Bass Pro Shop in this arena but it also has a river (with fish), bowling alley, restaurant, and so much more I could list off. For a few short dollars, you can also ride an elevator to the top of the pyramid.

The top has a restaurant but also a balcony that needs to be on every bucket list. This balcony has clear floors so that you can genuinely see the 322-foot drop (as well as a view of this phenomenal city). If you are afraid of heights, make sure to not look down otherwise it might freak you out a bit (or a lot a bit).


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