5 Natural Ways To Increase A Low Libido

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We have all gone through the phase; the phase of having absolutely no sex drive whatsoever. It is usually not that big of a deal and typically passes without much notice. However, there are people who, for whatever reason, live a different life to the norm where our sex drive is rarely high. If this doesn’t bug you then forget everything I have said! If you do have an issue with this and want to try to improve the situation, then I have a few natural tips to help boost your libido.

All these tips are great but don’t get me wrong; if you are having any type of issue in the bedroom (like pain, no sex drive, or any other symptom), then you should always consult a doctor. The problem could be simple as a change of diet, or it could be more severe that needs a little more love and care. While these tips are great for anyone out there (even if you do have a regular sex drive) don’t let the awkwardness of telling a doctor keep you from finding answers.

Eat more chocolate
You do not need to tell me this tip twice. I am a lover of sweets and chocolate is high on that list of sweet treats I love. Not only is it delicious, it actually has a lot of amazing benefits to the body. Dark chocolate has a significant amount of antioxidants (so much it is known as a superfood) and helps release serotonin into your body.

While studies are a little mixed on if this is a physical or psychological change, dark chocolate is never a bad thing to have on hand (and certainly makes ME happier).

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Communication and Foreplay in the bedroom
These are not naughty words to say and should be spoken about more often. While you can change your diet and start taking pills to enjoy sex the biggest issue is lack of communication in the bedroom. You don’t have to insult your partner, but you don’t have to stay silent either. It is extremely common for women to not achieve the big O from penetration alone (something a lot of males don’t realize because we, and porn, have never told them).

Next time you’re in bed tell your partner what you DO like. Not only is this usually a turn on for both of you but you would be amazed at just how happy they are to make you happy. Going straight from watching ‘The Office’ to quick penetration is not fun for anyone (well, not for women). Foreplay can go a long way in the bedroom.

Don’t forget the garlic
Garlic is a fantastic addition to most meals we eat in a day. It can keep illnesses at bay and is loaded with several different nutrients we need in our day to day lives. This wonderful herb can also boost sex drive in both men and women (a little extra bonus). Thanks to an ingredient called allicin, garlic stimulates circulation and blood flow throughout the body (including sexual organs). Just maybe don’t eat some before bedroom fun; the smell could kill the mood.

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Get plenty of rest
A lack of sleep has so many consequences that I really don’t need to get into this. Without sleep our bodies start wearing down, become stressed, and don’t function to the 100% they should be running on. If you are having a mood-killer phase try to add a couple more hours of zzzz’s to your night and see if that can boost that sex drive back up. A good night of sleep can be beneficial in more than one way for the bedroom!

Relieve stress
Most of us have issues in the bedroom because of this tip and this tip alone. The problem is, how do you relieve anxiety from a stressful life? I could write an article on this solely for the simple fact that, as much as I’d like, I can’t give you one big answer to this. Stress wears down your body, interrupts the natural sleep cycle, can cause acne, and can be detrimental on your sex organs. Not only can it stop a period in its tracks but it can eliminate all sex drive.

While I can’t give a clear answer to fix this, I can provide a few helpful tips. A huge one is a diet and exercise. I’m not saying you have to be thin to be relaxed, but you do need to be healthy. When our body is not healthy, we are just asking for stress on our bodies. Make sure you are eating foods that are good for YOU and doing some sort of physical activity throughout the week. Meditation, more sleep, therapy, and self-care practices are other ways to help improve our stressful lives and increase the libido, so we live a healthy and happy life.


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