The Benefits of Moroccan Oil for Damaged Hair

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I have been blessed with curly thick hair that, for the most part, I absolutely love. While I used to straighten my locks to the point of damage I have now embraced my natural beauty and more work on keeping my hair healthy. With curly hair comes a lot of maintenance. For instance, you can never truly brush it easily, the frizz is real, and brushing out the tangles always leaves it with a little more damage. This is where Moroccan oil (also known as Argan oil) comes into play.

Even if you don’t have curly thick hair this oil is extremely beneficial for all types of hair. It is a plant oil commonly known as Argan oil that comes from the argan tree that is found more commonly in Morocco (hence the name). They use this oil for everything; from eating to skin, hair, and beauty. Typically sold without any additives (because it doesn’t need any more awesome added) this little fruit contains things like:

-tocopherols (vitamin E)
-fatty acids
-tyrosol (an antioxidant)

It contains much more than this but these are the key components that aide in a healthy hair and scalp (and the only ones I can really pronounce). But the real question is; what CAN it do for my hair? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Keeps the Frizz Away
Even on the windiest, hottest day of the year Moroccan oil will hold its own to the frizz demon. It is packed with fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 9 (as well as Vitamin E) that mix together to work in harmony. The oil helps keep frizz away by moisturizing your hair without feeling heavy or too greasy. Rub in your hands and then apply from the tips to the roots for best results!
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Strengthens Hair
Split ends are a nightmare that never goes away. Before this oil I had extremely weak hair that split just from a simple brushing (which is not so simple with my hair). Applying this oil regularly helps strengthen individual locks making your split ends happen drastically less. For an extra boost get a shampoo or conditioner that has some oil as well to keep your locks in the best care they can be in!

Get the ‘Commercial’ Shine
You know what I’m talking about. Those shampoo commercials that start with ‘damaged’ hair and end with hair that shines like diamonds. With the vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants loaded in this oil your hair will return to its original smooth and healthy state. After time you will also notice a huge difference in the softness of your hair (almost as if you never did a bad thing to it).

Helps Rid Your Scalp of Dandruff
Give yourself a little mask spa time to get rid of the dry patches that just won’t go away. Massage the oil onto the scalp in small circular motions until the entire scalp has been treated. Then use a hot towel (you can wring one out with hot water) and wrap your hair for an hour before washing out. This helps moisturize and relieve the itchiness that comes with dry skin.

All in all this miracle oil strengthens, smooths, and repairs damage to those tresses. You don’t have to stop there though! Moroccan oil can also benefit your skin as well as your inner health! I don’t know about you, but I love finding things that can help my entire body (makes me feel less guilty about purchasing all of these different products).



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